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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 14, which word best describes how Reeve is feelings in regard to his relationship with Janie?

2. Which road do the Johnson's live on?

3. How does Janie believe she is related to the boy(s)?

4. The Johnsons are ___________ when they learn that Janie runs away.

5. What contrasts Janie and Reeve's blossoming relationship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the contrast present between Janie's relationship with Reeve and Janie's relationship with her family.

2. How does the novel end? Explain.

3. Describe the argument between Janie and Reeve in chapter 16.

4. Why do the Johnson's take Janie out for pizza? What are they attempting to do?

5. How does Reeve perceive Janie's thoughts about the milk carton?

6. Why does Janie wait to pursue an adult relationship with Reeve?

7. What does Reeve tell Janie in chapter 11, about his relationship with his siblings? Why is Janie unable to concentrate on what he is telling her?

8. What is Janie's realization about her relationship with Reeve toward the end of the novel? Explain.

9. What happens when Reeve and Janie come home to in chapter 12?

10. What is Reeve's explanation of Janie's kidnapping?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lizzy is first introduced in the novel as someone that Janie is not very fond of. By the end of the novel, Lizzy's role changes completely. What is Lizzy's role by the end of the novel? Explain the contrast in her character from the beginning versus her role in the end.

Essay Topic 2

Janie's relationship with her parents is like a roller coaster ride throughout the novel, as it changes. Describe the changes, resolutions and progressions, of Janie's relationship with her parents throughout the novel. Be sure to use in text citations to support your claims.

Essay Topic 3

Why do you think the author of the novel leaves the book open-ended? Do you expect a sequel? Why or why not?

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