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Short Answer Questions

1. What contrasts Janie and Reeve's blossoming relationship?

2. Janie's family is from a ____________ area.

3. In which chapter does Reeve's and Janie's relationship take a more serious turn?

4. In Janie's case, youthful innocence is directly proportional to what?

5. Janie finally comes clean about the situation. Which word best describes how the Johnsons are feeling?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how and why Janie travels to New Jersey.

2. What is Reeve's explanation of Janie's kidnapping?

3. Why do Janie and Reeve decide against staying in the motel together/

4. Describe the argument between Janie and Reeve in chapter 16.

5. Explain the contrast present between Janie's relationship with Reeve and Janie's relationship with her family.

6. What idea does the New York Times give Janie?

7. Why does Janie begin shredding the milk carton in chapter 16?

8. How does food serve as a symbol of the state of the family unit?

9. Does Janie believe that the Johnson's kidnap her, even after hearing the truth about the past? Explain.

10. Explain what is lacking from the Johnson's explanation of the past.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The images of ice cream and milk are recurring motifs throughout the novel. What is particularly interesting about the fact that Janie continuously has flashbacks of herself eating ice cream, or that she sees the picture of missing girl on a carton of milk? Explain using in-text citations to support your claims.

Essay Topic 2

Although Hannah is not physically present throughout the novel, she plays an important role. How does Hannah act as a driving force in the novel's action? What is the significance in Hannah's character in regards to Janie's identity?

Essay Topic 3

In chapter one, Janie wants to change her name to Jayne Johnstone. What does this suggest about Janie's feelings toward herself? What type of solutions does changing her name present?

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