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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which word best describes how the Johnsons are feeling, after telling Janie the truth?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Worried.
(c) Upset.
(d) Apprehensive.

2. What is Mr. Yampolski's profession?
(a) History teacher.
(b) Librarian.
(c) Math teacher.
(d) Bank teller.

3. The Johnson family unit is _______________ by the end of the novel.
(a) Destroyed.
(b) Disconnected.
(c) Resolved.
(d) Angry.

4. Which board game do Janie and her friends play in chapter 16?
(a) Clue.
(b) Trivial Pursuit.
(c) Scrabble.
(d) Monopoly.

5. What is the best word to describe the novel's ending?
(a) Condemning.
(b) Conclusive.
(c) Open.
(d) Mysterious.

Short Answer Questions

1. In which chapter do Janie and Reeve spend an intimate night together?

2. At the end of the novel, Janie realizes that she places __________ before Reeve.

3. Where does Janie want to go with Reeve in chapter 14?

4. Who offers Janie a ride to school in chapter 10?

5. Where do Janie and Reeve stop to spend an intimate night together?

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