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Romney Road, Connecticut

The home of the main character.

114 Highview Avenue, New Jersey

This is the address of the main character's biological family.

Scenic Overlook

This place is commonly used for teenagers to become "physical" with one another.


Janie's mother runs away to this place.

Milk Carton

This object sparks the main action of the plot within the novel.

Polka-Dot Dress

A memory of this object is sparked within the main character. It is found in the upstairs attic.


The main character uses this device to cope with the difficult situation present within the novel.

White Shoes

These may symbolize childhood innocence. The main character recalls wearing these at an ice cream parlor.


The main character recalls seeing a woman wearing this, with candy in the pockets.


Papers and clothes marked with the letter "H" are found here.

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