The Face on the Milk Carton Character Descriptions

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Janie Johnson - This character is the protagonist and has wild, red, curly hair.

Reeve Shields - This character grows up next door to the main character in the novel.

Miranda Johnson - This character tutors ESL (English as a Second Language) students, and has a degree in Medieval Literature.

Frank Johnson - This character coaches soccer and does not appear often throughout the novel.

Hannah Johnson - This character never appears in the novel, but it mentioned and plays an important role in the plot.

Lizzie Shields - This character is the main character's former baby-sitter.

Sarah-Charlotte Sherwood - This character is the best friend of the protagonist. This character seems oblivious to the feelings of the main character.

Mr. and Mrs. Shields - These character are the parents of the the main character's next door neighbor.

The Spring Family - The main character's biological family...

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