The Face on the Milk Carton Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Chapter one begins by introducing the main character, Janie Johnson. Janie finishes writing an essay for her English class.

• Janie begins to daydream about the future: getting her driver's license, changing her name to Jayne Johnstone, and having children named Denim and Lace. All of this contemplating goes on while Janie sits at lunch with her friends Reeve and Sarah-Charlotte.
• Janie continues to think about whether or not her parents let her date, and wonders if Reeve asks her out. As Janie sits, thinking, she takes a sip of Sarah-Charlotte's milk.

• The picture on the milk carton strikes a chord, as the little girl in the photograph look like her, and is wearing a dress that she recalls from her childhood.

• Janie shows the picture to her friend, suggesting that she may in fact be the girl in the photo; her friends laugh at the thought.

Chapter 2

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