Objects & Places from Excavation

James Rollins
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Satan's Blood

The name given to the golden substance that fell to earth from meteors.

The Keepers of the Question

Refers to the group of monks that remain of the Inquisitors.


Spirits of the underworld.

Peruvian Andes

The dig site where the archeologists become trapped is within these.


What the mysterious substance is determined to be.


This transforms into a key while Sam holds it.


Due to the appearance of these, the students flee into the cave.

Francisco de Almagro's Cross

This, when translated, explains how to destroy Satan's Blood.

El Sangre

The vault of this is an ancient Inca Indian torture chamber.


This is described as being the salvation by Francisco de Almagro in regards to Satan's Blood.

Temple of the Sun

The name given to the place of healing and worship by the Inca Indians.

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