Excavation Character Descriptions

James Rollins
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Sam Conklin - This person lost both parents in a car accident.

Henry Conklin - This person is the senior archaeologist on the site and also someone who lost their spouse.

Francisco de Almagro - A person whose remains were mummified.

Maggie O'Donnel - This character has stress induced seizures.

Dr. Joan Engel - This person translates the message on the back of the crucifix.

Denal - A young translator for the dig site.

Norman Fields - A photographer for National Geographic.

Ralph Isaacson - This character dies while saving Norman.

Abbot Ruiz - This character is in charge of the unnamed Spanish Inquisition.

Dr. Dale Kirkpatrick - A colleague of Joan's that is shot and 'killed'.

Friar Otera - This person wants to use Satan's Blood to become rich.

Guillermo Sala - This person lobbed a grenade that started the collapse of the ruins.

Philip Sykes...

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