Excavation Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

James Rollins
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• Francisco del Almagro is running through the jungle, trying to keep ahead of the Incan hunters that follow him

• He is dizzy from the blood letting that was done to him to prepare him for sacrifice

• Francisco runs through the jungle knowing he has only one chance for salvation for the world, even if there is no salvation left for him
• Francisco has a Dominican cross around his neck, and his robes had been blessed by a Pope when he had been ordained

• The Incans had let the monk keep both the cross and the robes as the tribal shaman had insisted they were emblems of a foreign god and that god's wrath would be upon them if they removed them
• Francisco crosses a bridge made of ropes, thanking god for his salvation, and heads to an altar held sacred by the Incans

• The hunters catch up...

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