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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24 through 26`.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Have Johnnie-O's friends heard of the Haunter?
(a) No, none have heard of him.
(b) Only a few have heard of him.
(c) Yes, they snicker at him.
(d) Yes, they seem afraid of him.

2. How was Mary killed?
(a) By a train.
(b) By a car.
(c) By an explosion.
(d) By a horse.

3. What does Mary's TV play?
(a) Shows that come from the children's imaginations.
(b) Shows that aired before it crossed to Everlost.
(c) Shows that aired the day it crossed to Everlost.
(d) Shows that are on anywhere in the living world.

4. Nick compares the living world to _____________.
(a) A radio broadcast from far away, filled with static.
(b) A movie projected on a screen.
(c) Impressionist paintings.
(d) Shadows flickering in firelight.

5. What does Allie tell the McGill they must find, in order to skinjack?
(a) An Eddy of Energy.
(b) A Maelstrom of Courage.
(c) A Vortex of Spirit.
(d) A Cycle of Light.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Johnnie-O try to do to Allie?

2. Who interrupts Nick while he is in his room trying to make sure he will remember his name?

3. What food does Vari announce that Mary has to distribute?

4. What does the old man forget to bring with him from the engine room?

5. What effect does being trapped in the barrel have on Nick?

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