Objects & Places from Everlost

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A piece of metal

This is the item that causes the accident that kills Nick and Allie.

The Twin Towers

This is where Mary Hightower lives with children who have not crossed over.


This is the name given the newly dead children who have not yet learned to cope.


This is the ability of some dead children to step into the bodies of others, controlling their movements and acts.


These are children who roam the world in search of physical items that have crossed over, making them available to the dead.


This is where Nick is from.

New Jersey

This is where Allie is from.

The Pickle Factory

This is where The Haunter is when Allie, Nick, and Leif find him.

The Sulphur Queen

This is the ship manned by McGill and his crew.

The Steel Pier

This is where the McGill was beaten...

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