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An Everlost Object

Bring in an everyday object. Write a story about that object crossing over into Everlost, including why it was so loved and what destroyed it.

Your Everlost Portrait

Make a portrait of yourself as you would be after a time in Everlost. Notate your portrait with characteristics that have changed over your time in Everlost, and why they have changed in this specific way.

Nick and Mary's Future Encounter

Write a story of an encounter between Nick and Mary in the future, showing how their conflict as the "Sky Witch" and the "Chocolate Ogre" has evolved over time.

How Allie Crosses Over

Write the story of how Allie crosses over to the next world, beyond Everlost, and what causes her to be ready to cross over.

Chapter of One of Allie's books

Write a chapter of one of Allie's books explaining her thoughts and knowledge...

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