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Essay Topic 1

Death is a fundamental aspect of the novel Everlost. The novel begins with the main characters' deaths and takes place in the afterlife. Examine the novel's treatment of death.

Part 1) What do the characters learn about the nature of death?

Part 2) What does the nature of Everlost imply about death and what might follow Everlost?

Part 3) How do the characters deal with their own deaths and their loss of connections with life?

Essay Topic 2

In Everlost, self-image controls how the characters appear to other Afterlights. Choose three characters from the novel. Explain how each character's self-image alters or affects their appearance. Explain the significance of this externalization of self-image in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

In Everlost, Allie seeks knowledge, whereas Mary values safety. Their conflicting viewpoints are the root of much of the conflict in the novel. Discuss the conflict of knowledge and safety in the...

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