Everlost Character Descriptions

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This strong-willed fourteen-year-old child dies in a car accident and becomes trapped in Everlost.


This fourteen-year-old child dies in a car crash, and ends up in the afterlife with a face covered in chocolate.


This character is living in the forest where Nick and Allie die in a car wreck.

Mary Hightower

This character, who keeps the other children captive in the world of Everlost, rules over the World Trade Center towers.


This jealous character spends a great deal of time with Mary and has a talent for a violin.


This character, dressed like a hippie in bell-bottoms and tie dye, greets Allie, Nick, and Leif upon their arrival at the Twin Towers.

The McGill

This character is rumored to be the Devil's pet who chewed through his leash and escaped.

The Haunter

This character has learned to take things from the world...

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