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Chapters 1 through 3

• Fourteen-year-old Allie's family's car collides with fourteen-year-old Nick's family's car on a haripin turn, and the two teens get lost on their way to the light.
• Nick and Allie wake up in a forest in Everlost, where spirit Lief has lived for years, and they come to the realization that they are dead.
• Nick and Allie discuss what they should do and learn from Lief that there are other spirits of children in Everlost, but no adults, and a monster called the McGill.

Chapters 4 through 6

• Allie and Nick decide to head toward her home in New Jersey, and Nick thinks of making snowshoes to help them walk on the living world's ground, where they will sink through the Earth if they don't keep moving.
• Mary Hightower, who rules over hundreds of Afterlight children in the Twin Towers, trades a Jaguar for a birthday cake that is...

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