Eragon: Inheritance Book One Short Essay - Answer Key

Christopher Paolini
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1. Describe the relationship between the Shade and the Urgals.

The Shade looks at them as if they are tools and nothing more. He tells them that they are to do their jobs or die. Later when they fail he will kill them. The Shade hates the Urgals but is willing to keep company with them as long as they might be of use. If they fail him or he becomes angered they are expendable.

2. Explain Eragon's feelings when he first found the stone.

Eragon looks at it and knows that it might possibly be dangerous. Despite this he keeps it. It says that something stays his hand and he rationalizes that it might be worth some money. Eragon is both frightened by the thought that perhaps he is meant to have the stone and excited by the thought.

3. How is Eragon treated when he enters Sloan's butcher shop?

Sloan obviously doesn't care for Eragon. Sloan is willing to take Eragon's money and for a time he considers trading for the egg until he learns where the egg is from. Even after Eragon's friend, Horst, enters and offers to buy the food for Eragon Sloan is reluctant because he doesn't want to do business with Eragon.

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