Objects & Places from Eragon: Inheritance Book One

Christopher Paolini
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This place is Eragon's home village, and although he lives at a farm miles away it is still his home. The Ra'zac are seeking the dragon's egg that Eragon possesses, and so they infiltrate this town.

The Spine

This area is the wild area where Eragon finds Saphira's egg that was sent there by Arya. It is a place that is feared by those who live in Eragon's village.


This is the beautiful coastal city that Brom and Eragon travel to for information about the oil they found carried by the Ra'zac. Jeod lives here, and they are able to find the information and deduce where to travel next.


This is the blade of Morzan, who was killed by Brom, and Brom gives the sword to Eragon. It is a blade with a storied and cruel history. Morzan used it to kill many Dragon Riders...

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