Eragon: Inheritance Book One Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Paolini
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Prologue: Shade of Fear | Discovery

• The Urgals and a Shade search for an elf girl who carries a blue stone.

• The elf is able to make the stone disappear before she is captured and taken prisoner.

• Eragon is a boy of 15 who is hunting in the woods when he suddenly finds the blue stone.

• Eragon puts the stone in his pack thinking it may be worth money.

Palancar Valley | Dragon Tales

• Eragon goes to the butcher to trade the stone for money.

• Upon hearing where the stone was found the butcher throws Eragon out of his butcher shop.

• Eragon takes the stone to the traders and finds that it is hollow.

• Eragon listens to Brom's story of the dragon riders.

Fate's Gift | Awakening

• Eragon hits the egg with several objects and finds it begins to make noises to him.

• The egg hatches just as Eragon has decided to...

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