Endymion Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Discuss the thoughts of the unnamed narrator in Chapter 1.

The narrator in the novel speculates why the reader chose to read this book. He then assumes the reasons are wrong and offers his reasons as to why he writes the book. The narrator says that he has made love to the messiah and has heard the message of the One Who Teaches and writes to make sense of the chaos.

2. Who is Raul Endymion?

Raul Endymion is introduced as the narrator as the story progresses. He was born on Hyperion in 3099 A.D, the year year 693 on the Hyperion calendar. He is a peasant on Hyperion who has had several jobs. At the time the novel begins, he is working as a hunting guide.

3. What events lead to Raul being sentenced to death?

Raul is hired as a hunting guide for Rolman, Herrig, Rushomin, and Pneascu. Raul takes them to Tasahi Bay to hunt ducks. Raul embarrasses Herrig by taking a cigar from his mouth. This infuriates Herrig. During the hunt, Herrig kills Raul's hunting dog Izzy because of their previous scuffle. Raul hits Herrig repeatedly and holds him under the water, releasing him before he drowns. When the men return to the cabin, Herrig gets drunk and fires a gun at Raul. Raul tackles Herrig, and Herrig shoots himself in the face. At the trial, all four hunters testify that Raul assaulted Herrig, and Raul is sentenced to death.

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