Endymion Character Descriptions

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Raul Endymion

This character is born as a peasant and goes on a heroic journey based on their name.


This character is one of the original Hyperion pilgrims who helped establish the colony of humans on the planet.

A. Bettik

This character is biomanufactured to serve humans. The character has blue skin and requires little sleep.

Federico de Soya

This character is the commander of the Pax and represents the good side of the Catholic church.

Pope Julius XIV

This character is resurrected and sets out to make the Church the official faith of humanity.

Martin Silenus

This character is the author of the Cantos who survives hundreds of years using illegal Poulsen treatments on Hyperion.

Swiss Guards

These characters are an elite group of soldiers in the Pax military.

Brawne Lamia

This character investigates the TechnoCore and the disappearance of Earth before her death.

John Keats Cybrid

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