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Chapters 1-3

• An unnamed narrator speculates why the reader has selected this book.

• The narrator has made love to the messiah, has heard the message of the One Who Teaches, and writes the book in order to make sense of the chaos.

• The author writes from a Schrodinger cat box, a prison death chamber that at any moment will release cyanide gas through the air-filtration unit and kill him.
• The narrator is introduced as Raul Endymion.

• Raul is a peasant on Hyperion who is hired as a guide to take several men duck hunting.

• Raul sees a gold Pax double cross around Herrig's neck, showing that he is a born-again Christian.

• Raul and Herrig get in a fight. Raul is sentenced to death, to be carried out the next day.

• A priest visits Raul the day of his trial. The priest urges Raul to accept Our Lord and...

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