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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Temple say she needs?
(a) Animals
(b) A good diet
(c) Routine
(d) Love

2. Where does Temple go for Christmas?
(a) Home
(b) A friends house
(c) A farm
(d) England

3. What do psychiatrists refer to the machine as?
(a) A comforter
(b) A sexual bondage device
(c) Crazy wires
(d) Nutty loopy

4. What kind of animal does Temple say likes her better after using the machine?
(a) A rabbit
(b) A cow
(c) A cat
(d) A dog

5. What kind of therapy can help an autistic child receive touch more readily?
(a) Occupational therapy
(b) Deep pressure therapy
(c) Music therapy
(d) Talking therapy

6. Who writes a letter to Temple in this chapter?
(a) Her psychiatrist
(b) Temple's father
(c) Temple's mother
(d) Mr. Brooks

7. What does Temple say parents and teachers should help a autistic child develop?
(a) Interests
(b) Personal skills
(c) Abstract thinking
(d) Talking

8. What part of the brain do visual learners use?
(a) The right
(b) The front
(c) The back
(d) The left

9. Which of the following tests does Temple do well at?
(a) The Woodcock-Johnson Test
(b) The Hiskey Nebraska Spatial Reasoning test
(c) The Oral Directions Sub test
(d) The Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude

10. Which of the following is a school that encourages Kinesthetic learning?
(a) George Washington schools
(b) Roget and Johnson schools
(c) Oxford Learning schools
(d) Montessori and Waldorf schools

11. Which of the following is a function of the right side of the brain?
(a) Music
(b) Interpersonal skills
(c) Letters
(d) Numbers

12. What kind of people does Temple work with?
(a) Musicians
(b) Cowboys
(c) Shepherds
(d) Actors

13. What kind of school does Temple attend in this chapter?
(a) Alternative school
(b) Boarding school
(c) High school
(d) Special school

14. What does Temple become famous as at college?
(a) Lock picker
(b) Drug dealer
(c) Machine maker
(d) Essay writer

15. How does Temple remember abstractions?
(a) She invents visuals
(b) She writes them down
(c) She numbers them
(d) She records them on tape

Short Answer Questions

1. What bodily system does spinning balance?

2. How should an autistic child not be educated?

3. What does Temple begin to suffer at school?

4. What does a person release when he/she is touched?

5. What does Temple do after three weeks of seeing the door?

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