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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Temple call the experience of walking through the door?
(a) Fun
(b) Loopy
(c) Cool
(d) Groovy

2. What is the name of the ride that gives Temple relief?
(a) Figure of Eight
(b) The Big Wheel
(c) The Rotor
(d) The Spin Reel

3. What does the minister say is behind the door?
(a) The afterworld
(b) The fires of Hell
(c) Peace and happiness
(d) The Garden of Eden

4. Who does Temple present her thesis to?
(a) The European Meeting of Meat Research Workers
(b) The World Farmer Association
(c) The Unarmed Cowboy Group
(d) The American Meeting of Meat Research Workers

5. How should an autistic child not be educated?
(a) Abstractly
(b) Strictly
(c) Kinesthetically
(d) Visually

6. What kind of animal does Temple look after in this chapter?
(a) Rabbits
(b) Monkeys
(c) Cattle
(d) Snakes

7. What kind of therapy can help an autistic child receive touch more readily?
(a) Deep pressure therapy
(b) Occupational therapy
(c) Music therapy
(d) Talking therapy

8. What door does Temple walk in and out of ten times?
(a) The trap door
(b) The sliding door
(c) The wooden door
(d) The rotating door

9. What kind of people does Temple work with?
(a) Musicians
(b) Cowboys
(c) Actors
(d) Shepherds

10. What does Temple's mother tell her to do with her negative thoughts?
(a) Scream them out
(b) Swallow them down
(c) Journal it
(d) Use them to create

11. What do Temple's medications help her concentrate on?
(a) Designs and inventions
(b) Writing
(c) Abstractions
(d) Relationships

12. What should parents and teachers emphasize for an autistic child?
(a) Love
(b) Positives
(c) Negatives
(d) Visual ideas

13. How does Temple remember abstractions?
(a) She numbers them
(b) She records them on tape
(c) She writes them down
(d) She invents visuals

14. Which of the following is a function of the right side of the brain?
(a) Letters
(b) Music
(c) Numbers
(d) Interpersonal skills

15. Which of the following does Temple say she needs?
(a) A good diet
(b) Routine
(c) Love
(d) Animals

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the machine Temple builds in this chapter?

2. Who sends Temple a letter in this chapter?

3. Where does Temple go for Christmas?

4. Which of the following does Temple say that spinning develops in an autistic child?

5. What does Alfred demand in his letters?

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