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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the minister say is behind the door?
(a) The fires of Hell
(b) The Garden of Eden
(c) Peace and happiness
(d) The afterworld

2. What is the name of Temple's imaginary friend?
(a) William
(b) Davis
(c) Harry
(d) Alfred

3. What is the name of the ride that gives Temple relief?
(a) Figure of Eight
(b) The Big Wheel
(c) The Spin Reel
(d) The Rotor

4. Which of the following classes does Temple find difficult?
(a) Sport
(b) Film
(c) Chemistry
(d) Statistics

5. What is the name of Temple's occupational therapist friend?
(a) Denny Gordon
(b) Freda Franklin
(c) Lorna King
(d) Petra Docker

6. Where does Temple visit in this chapter?
(a) Beefland
(b) Jackland
(c) Disney World
(d) Arizona

7. What kind of animal does Temple look after in this chapter?
(a) Cattle
(b) Monkeys
(c) Snakes
(d) Rabbits

8. What medication does Temple take to treat anxiety?
(a) Lithium
(b) Steroids
(c) Paracetamol
(d) Antidepressants

9. Which of the following can trigger a attack of the nerves?
(a) Checking mail
(b) Noise
(c) Teasing
(d) Physical contact

10. What do Temple's medications help her concentrate on?
(a) Writing
(b) Designs and inventions
(c) Relationships
(d) Abstractions

11. Who writes a letter to Temple in this chapter?
(a) Temple's father
(b) Mr. Brooks
(c) Her psychiatrist
(d) Temple's mother

12. What bodily system does spinning balance?
(a) Digestive system
(b) Urinal system
(c) Vestibular system
(d) Nervous system

13. Which of the following does Temple say she needs?
(a) Routine
(b) A good diet
(c) Animals
(d) Love

14. What kind of animal does Temple say likes her better after using the machine?
(a) A cow
(b) A rabbit
(c) A dog
(d) A cat

15. What does Temple say parents and teachers should help a autistic child develop?
(a) Abstract thinking
(b) Talking
(c) Personal skills
(d) Interests

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the P in PACES stand for?

2. What does Temple think her mother's letter is trying to do?

3. What does Temple research in this chapter?

4. Why does Temple have a nerve attack when she goes home?

5. What should parents and teachers emphasize for an autistic child?

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