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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Temple say autistic children have too much of?
(a) Nerve endings
(b) Masyorine
(c) Norepinephrine
(d) Serotin

2. When does Temple say her nerve attacks stop?
(a) At lunch
(b) In the morning
(c) At night
(d) During lessons

3. Where does Temple go for Christmas?
(a) A farm
(b) Home
(c) A friends house
(d) England

4. What does Temple think her mother's letter is trying to do?
(a) Forcing her to go home
(b) Make her feel paranoid
(c) Discouraging her from making her machine
(d) Upset her

5. Which of the following activities are not available at boarding school?
(a) Golf
(b) Camping
(c) Horseback riding
(d) Fishing

6. What does Temple begin to suffer at school?
(a) Home sickness
(b) Depression
(c) Nerve attacks
(d) Epilepsy

7. What does Temple become famous as at college?
(a) Lock picker
(b) Machine maker
(c) Essay writer
(d) Drug dealer

8. Which test does Temple say she scores low marks on?
(a) The Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude
(b) The Woodcock Johnson test
(c) The Hiskey Nebraska Spatial Reasoning Test
(d) The Oral Directions Subyest

9. What kind of animal does Temple say likes her better after using the machine?
(a) A cow
(b) A dog
(c) A rabbit
(d) A cat

10. What does Temple call the experience of walking through the door?
(a) Fun
(b) Groovy
(c) Cool
(d) Loopy

11. Who does Temple present her thesis to?
(a) The European Meeting of Meat Research Workers
(b) The Unarmed Cowboy Group
(c) The World Farmer Association
(d) The American Meeting of Meat Research Workers

12. Which of the following does Temple say that spinning develops in an autistic child?
(a) Balance
(b) Talking
(c) Abstract thinking
(d) Nervous system

13. Who is Temple's mother visiting in Arizona?
(a) Her aunt
(b) Her lover
(c) Her mother
(d) Her brother

14. What is Beefland?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A farm
(c) A theme park
(d) A slaughterhouse

15. What does Temple call the machine that calms animals down?
(a) Farm Yard
(b) Road to Hell
(c) Black Dog
(d) Stairway to Heaven

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes a letter to Temple in this chapter?

2. What medication does Temple take to treat anxiety?

3. What does Temple design in this chapter?

4. What is the name of Temple's occupational therapist friend?

5. What kind of door does Temple fixate on?

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