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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Temple go for Christmas?
(a) England
(b) Home
(c) A friends house
(d) A farm

2. What does Temple call the machine that calms animals down?
(a) Farm Yard
(b) Road to Hell
(c) Black Dog
(d) Stairway to Heaven

3. Who sends Temple a letter in this chapter?
(a) Lorna King
(b) Her father
(c) Her mother
(d) Her sister

4. What does Temple say autistic children have too much of?
(a) Norepinephrine
(b) Masyorine
(c) Nerve endings
(d) Serotin

5. Which of the following does Temple say she needs?
(a) Animals
(b) Routine
(c) A good diet
(d) Love

6. What does Temple think her mother's letter is trying to do?
(a) Forcing her to go home
(b) Make her feel paranoid
(c) Discouraging her from making her machine
(d) Upset her

7. What kind of language does Temple say autistics use?
(a) The Queen's English
(b) Bad language
(c) Animal language
(d) Symbolic language

8. What does Miss Downey take away from Temple to help her to behave?
(a) Feeding the animals
(b) Horseback riding
(c) Wood work classes
(d) Golf

9. What does Temple's mother tell her to do with her negative thoughts?
(a) Journal it
(b) Use them to create
(c) Swallow them down
(d) Scream them out

10. What does the P in PACES stand for?
(a) Partial
(b) Peter
(c) Pommel
(d) Pressure

11. What kind of learners are people incarcerated in the penal system?
(a) Fun learners
(b) Kinesthetic learners
(c) Visual learners
(d) Abstract learners

12. What does Temple say parents and teachers should help a autistic child develop?
(a) Talking
(b) Personal skills
(c) Abstract thinking
(d) Interests

13. What best describes the door that Temple finds in this chapter?
(a) A heavy metal door
(b) A small wooden door
(c) A sliding door
(d) A rotating door

14. Who encourages Temple to make her machine?
(a) Mrs. Johnson
(b) Mrs. Lotus
(c) Mr. Carlock
(d) Mr. Brooks

15. Which test does Temple say she scores low marks on?
(a) The Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude
(b) The Oral Directions Subyest
(c) The Hiskey Nebraska Spatial Reasoning Test
(d) The Woodcock Johnson test

Short Answer Questions

1. What did 60% of the students feel about the machine?

2. What bodily system does spinning balance?

3. What does Temple want from her mother?

4. Where does the sliding door lead to?

5. What does Alfred demand in his letters?

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