Emergence: Labeled Autistic Short Essay - Answer Key

Temple Grandin
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1. What does Bernard Rimland note about Temple's autism in the foreword?

He notes that autism is often over-diagnosed but is certain that Temple Grandin is a genuine autistic. He is surprised that Temple has progressed through high school, college, and even graduate school.

2. How does Rimland control Temple's behavior?

Rimland and his wife take Temple out to lunch, and Temple's loud, unmodulated voice brings unwanted attention. However, when Rimland asks her to speak more quietly, she does so.

3. What impresses Rimland about Temple?

Rimland notes that Temple has taught herself to deal with her problems and use them to help herself. Rimland is particularly interested in Temple's insights about touch and autistic children. He notes that this is the only book in existence by a recovered autistic and remarks that Temple continues to grow and progress year by year.

4. Who is William Carlock?

William Carlock is one of Temple's teachers. Along with others in the school, he tries to make sense of Temple's oddities and special abilities.

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