Objects & Places from Emergence: Labeled Autistic

Temple Grandin
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The Squeeze Machine

This is Temple Grandin's invention based on a cattle chute. It gives firm, gentle pressure and stimulates the vestibular system and calms the person.

The Trap Door

This is a literal door onto a roof at Temple's secondary school, but it is also a symbolic door that she passes through to her future and a better life.

The Arizona Ranch

Temple's Aunt Ann owns this in the Southwest.

The Wrecked Car

This is one of Temple's earliest memories, and perhaps one of the most telling details of her life.

Urine and Feces

Like many autistics, as a child, Temple spreads this around the house and in the draperies, sometimes using it to color the walls.

Summer Camp

Temple has her first experiences with sexuality here. She is introduced to the normal naughty sex talk of pre-adolescent children, but the talk becomes obsessive.

Valley Country School

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