Daily Lessons for Teaching Emergence: Labeled Autistic

Temple Grandin
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Lesson 1 (from Foreword)


The aim of this lesson is to examine autism.


1) Class discussion. What is autism? What problems does it cause the sufferer? What are society's views on autism? Why do the students think it is important for an autistic like Temple to release a book and attract media attention? What other famous autistics are there? How has autism helped them to succeed in their particular field?

2) Ask the students to write 500 words on the symptoms of autism and the problems it has caused the sufferer.

3) With the students research and brainstorm a list of famous autistic sufferers. Each students should then choose one of the names on the board and write 300 words about how their autism has helped them to succeed.

4) Homework. Define autism.

Lesson 2 (from Foreword)


Some people have claimed that Temple was never an autistic, but in the foreword Bernard Rimland states that although autism...

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