Emergence: Labeled Autistic Character Descriptions

Temple Grandin
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Temple Grandin - She is aware of how different she is from other people and knows how many of her behaviors bother others, even causing trouble for them.

Mrs. Reynolds - She has great patience and takes Temple far in learning to process what she hears and speak.

Temple's Mother - Her words add a compassionate and detailed view of Temple that Temple herself could not relate so well. She agonizes over how much to protect Temple and how much to let her go.

Mrs. Clark - Temple remembers vivid images of her, such as a very high neckline, a white face like a ghost, and a strong perfume.

Alfred - A classroom bully who misbehaves all the time, putting a mouse in the teacher's drawer or a garter snake in the teacher's book.

Crystal - She can look through Temple's oddities and enjoy her creative mind...

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