Emergence: Labeled Autistic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Temple Grandin
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• Bernard Rinland notes that autism is often over-diagnosed, but is certain that Temple Grandin is a genuine autistic, recovered or recovering.

• Rimland is surprised that Temple has progressed through high school, college, and even graduate school.
• Rimland and his wife take Temple out to lunch and Temple's loud, unmodulated voice brings unwanted attention. However, Rimland asks her to speak more quietly and she does as he asks.

• Rimland states that this book is the only book in existence by a recovered autistic.


• Temple's former teacher, William Carlock says that along with others in the school, he tries to make sense of Temple's oddities and special abilities. Even though she can be irritating and strange, Carlock says, people enjoy her.

• Carlock says that Temple has become a unique person not by trying to "get rid of" autism, but by using her characteristics to become a true individual...

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