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Christopher Paul Curtis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does one of the farmer's in line for Madame Sabbar's show insist is wrong with the barker's claims about her skills?
(a) There are no lions in Sweden.
(b) There are no tigers in Sweden.
(c) There are no lions in Canada.
(d) There are no tigers in Canada.

2. What does Mr. Leroy say Elijah is doing by using a derogatory term to address himself and his classmates?
(a) Placing them back in the category of slave.
(b) Degrading their intelligence.
(c) Showing his own intelligence.
(d) Keeping the hate alive.

3. What happened to Mr. Leroy's daughter?
(a) She was married to an Indian.
(b) She died in infancy.
(c) She was sold.
(d) She was beaten to death.

4. What does Elijah think scares away the small fish and attracts the big fish?
(a) The way the horseflies fly above the water.
(b) The way the horseflies move on the water's surface.
(c) The way the horseflies drown in the water.
(d) The way the horseflies dive bomb the water.

5. What excuse does Elijah's mother make for the bad jokes Mr. Segee makes?
(a) He drinks too much.
(b) He is from Mississippi.
(c) He was dropped on his head as a child.
(d) He is old.

6. For whom did Mr. Leroy build a house all by himself?
(a) Mrs. Johnson.
(b) Mrs. Brown.
(c) Miss Duncan.
(d) Mrs. Holton.

7. Where did Cooter see Mr. Travis on the Saturday before the opening of chapter 6?
(a) The dry goods store.
(b) The sawmill.
(c) The community eating pavilion.
(d) Church.

8. Who does Mr. Leroy tell Elijah in chapter 7 cut off his little finger of his left hand?
(a) A white slave owner.
(b) A slave.
(c) An Indian.
(d) An overseer.

9. What does Mr. Travis hit the top of his desk with in chapter 6?
(a) His belt.
(b) His pointing stick.
(c) His ruler.
(d) His hand.

10. What does MaWee ask Elijah to read to him in chapter 10?
(a) A sign for Madame Sabbar's show.
(b) A contract he signed with the owner of the carnival.
(c) A passage from the Bible.
(d) A letter his mother sent him.

11. What kind of horseflies does the preacher tell everyone lives in Buxton?
(a) The biggest and most onery ones.
(b) The least annoying ones.
(c) The best eating ones.
(d) The noisiest ones.

12. How long ago does Charles Mondial Vaughn say he was knighted in chapter 10?
(a) Ten years ago.
(b) Eight years ago.
(c) Fourteen years ago.
(d) Four years ago.

13. What does Elijah see wandering out of the woods in chapter 4 two days after the scare of the approaching slave catchers?
(a) A white horse.
(b) A grey mule.
(c) A bloody man.
(d) A ghost.

14. In a contest between Elijah throwing rocks and the preacher shooting his pistol, who wins?
(a) Elijah.
(b) The preacher.
(c) They tie.
(d) They decide not to keep score.

15. What name does the preacher give to Elijah in chapter 10?
(a) Aloa.
(b) Ahbo.
(c) Alli.
(d) Asia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What things does MaWee do for the carnival that he thinks Elijah has come to replace him at in chapter 10?

2. What kind of cookies does Elijah's mother tell him Mrs. Brown baked for him in chapter 1?

3. What tribe does the preacher suggest Elijah was once a member of in chapter 10?

4. In which direction does the preacher insist on going to look for the slave catchers in chapter 4?

5. What is the point of view of this novel?

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