Daily Lessons for Teaching Elijah of Buxton

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 and 2)


Chapter 1 and 2

Introduce the students to the novel. The objective of this lesson will focus on writing style and the structure of the novel.


1) Class Discussion: Before beginning the novel, ask students to take a look through its pages. Discuss with the students the structure of the novel, how the author has chosen to tell his story. Discuss the point of view used, the language utilized and how it reflects the characters in the novel.

2) Writing Style: Ask students to discuss in an essay or with a partner the use of language, point of view, and structure in this novel. Ask students to compare and contrast the style of this novel with another novel or short story recently studied in class.

3) Group Work: Divide students into groups. Ask each group to outline the structure of plot, including all elements such as back story and climax...

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