Elijah of Buxton Character Descriptions

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Elijah of Buxton

This character is the first free baby born in the settlement of Buxton. This character feels fragile, weak, but late in the novel proves to be quite brave. This character is very talented at throwing stones.

Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly

This character should be a well respected person, but this character is something of a shady character who is always looking for the best way to make a few free dollars. This character attempts to sell a child to the carnival, steals fancy guns from slave chasers, and takes money intended to rescue a family of slaves and then gambles it away. This character ends up dying a violent death at the end of the novel.

Elijah's Parents

These characters were once slaves who somehow escaped their fate and found their way to the free settlement of Buxton in Canada. These characters are...

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