Elijah of Buxton Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Chapter 1 and 2

• Elijah and his friend, Cooter, set out to solve a mystery by following some odd tracks in the sand.

• The preacher tells them the tracks are from a dangerous snake. Elijah is scared and goes home.
• Elijah and Cooter play a trick on Elijah's mother by putting a frog in her knitting.

• Elijah's mother tricks him by putting a snake in the cookie jar.

• Elijah is sad his mother would want to make him fragile.
• Elijah does not want anyone to know his embarrassment or it will become a big story like when he threw up on Frederick Douglass.

• Frederick Douglass and John Brown came to Buxton to celebrate Elijah when he was a baby for being the first baby born in the free settlement of Buxton.

Chapter 3

• Elijah does his chores after school, doing the unpleasant ones first.

• Elijah collects horseflies to go fishing with...

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