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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character comes more into the forefront of Charlotte and Ottilie's life after Eduard's departure?
(a) The gardener.
(b) The parson.
(c) The architect.
(d) The mason.

2. Upon what date does the completion of the restoration of the building occur?
(a) The eve of the Captain's birthday.
(b) The eve of Eduard's birthday.
(c) The anniversary of Ottilie's arrival at the estate.
(d) The anniversary of Eduard and Charlotte's wedding.

3. Which of Luciane's "experiments in moral regeneration" goes badly wrong?
(a) Her education of a young peasant boy.
(b) Her efforts to introduce a foreign friend into high society.
(c) Her endeavors to patch up Charlotte and Eduard's relationship.
(d) Her attempt to re-socialize a mad young woman.

4. What, in general, describes Luciane's personality?
(a) She is overly critical of everybody, directly to their faces.
(b) She is reticent and argumentative, and people find her hard to get along with.
(c) She is highly intelligent and beautiful and has a soft, compliant personality.
(d) She is energetic and attractive but can be annoying and ignorant of others' desires or needs.

5. What is the house guest's suggested remedy for children who do not follow in their parents' footsteps?
(a) Allowing the child to follow his or her own unique path in life.
(b) Making the child an equal partner in the parent's endeavors.
(c) Threatenting to disown the child unless he or she capitulates.
(d) Punishing the child until he or she agrees to be like his or her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ottilie react in the wake of the tragedy?

2. How does Charlotte respond to the Major's hopeful question about their future together?

3. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?

4. What does Luciane enjoy doing with her many articles of clothing?

5. What signal does Eduard arrange with the Major to notify him of his plan's success?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the circumstances of Ottilie's death.

2. Which of Luciane's experiments in "moral regeneration" goes wrong, which Charlotte hears about after Luciane leaves the estate?

3. Whom does Eduard meet when he walks through his own estate, and what is the significance of their meeting?

4. What is problematic about Luciane's interactions with other people, and what is one example of this?

5. Summarize the reason for the solicitor's visit to Charlotte, which is related at the beginning of Part II.

6. What is the schoolmaster's general philosophy on teaching?

7. What event at the end of Part II, Chapter 8, is saturated with both happiness and grave foreboding, and how?

8. What decision does Ottilie make that she normally never would, and what are the results of it?

9. What is the general substance of Ottilie's first journal entry, at the end of Part II, Chapter 2?

10. In Part II, Chapter 9, where does Charlotte decide to live for a short time, and why?

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