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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect does the foreign visitor to the estate have on Ottilie, when he expounds upon the uselessness of over improving the land?
(a) Ottilie agrees wholeheartedly with the man.
(b) Ottilie feels offended by the man's presumption.
(c) Ottilie finds herself questioning her design sense.
(d) Ottilie is disillusioned and in agony.

2. What thought about Ottilie's future preoccupies Charlotte?
(a) Whether Ottilie will marry and whom.
(b) Whether Ottilie will forgive Eduard and why.
(c) What profession Ottilie will take and when.
(d) When Ottilie will die and how.

3. What is the new house guest's philosophy on education?
(a) The best way to teach young people is through rote recitation.
(b) Learning does not stop when an individual leaves the schoolhouse.
(c) Boys should be taught to be servants, and girls should be taught to be mothers.
(d) Girls are more apt to learn new things, while boys are more apt to retain knowledge.

4. What is Charlotte and Eduard's son to be named?
(a) Otto.
(b) Edmund.
(c) Heinrich.
(d) Johann.

5. Which vocation does Ottilie decide she wishes to pursue?
(a) To become a great artist and painter.
(b) To teach at the boarding school.
(c) To become a governess to a wealthy family.
(d) To become a maid.

6. Whose observations on the landscape of the estate serve to enrich Charlotte and Ottilie's experience of the land?
(a) The Italian's.
(b) Herr Mittler's.
(c) The Englishman's.
(d) The Frenchman's

7. How does Ottilie respond to Luciane's arrival?
(a) By becoming more talkative and energetic.
(b) By sulking in jealousy.
(c) By going calmly and cheerfully to work.
(d) By plotting revenge against Luciane for past slights.

8. How does Charlotte respond to the Major's hopeful question about their future together?
(a) "We have not deserved to be unhappy, but neither have we deserved to be happy together."
(b) "You and Ottilie may still have a future; Eduard and I have nothing but our past."
(c) "When my heart is no longer heavy, then we shall see if it can once more be happy."
(d) "All of us but one deserve the future you hold so dear."

9. Who is the Major?
(a) A friend of the Count's.
(b) Formerly the Captain.
(c) A cousin of Eduard's.
(d) A former flame of the Baroness's.

10. Who had encouraged the house guest to come to the estate?
(a) The architect.
(b) The Captain.
(c) The General.
(d) The Baroness.

11. What activity of Luciane's, meant to amuse the company, ends up with Luciane looking foolish?
(a) Her idea of a game that involves the whole company.
(b) Her dance performance in which she is accompanied by a harpist.
(c) Her performance on the guitar and her accompanying singing.
(d) Her arguments in a carefully staged debate.

12. What, in general, describes Luciane's personality?
(a) She is highly intelligent and beautiful and has a soft, compliant personality.
(b) She is overly critical of everybody, directly to their faces.
(c) She is energetic and attractive but can be annoying and ignorant of others' desires or needs.
(d) She is reticent and argumentative, and people find her hard to get along with.

13. What artistic activity does the architect plan for Ottilie to be centrally involved in?
(a) Exhibiting her artwork at the royal court.
(b) Portraying Mary in a tableau of the birth of Jesus.
(c) Reciting a series of Petrarchan sonnets.
(d) Hosting and starring in a pianoforte recital.

14. How did Charlotte find out Eduard had joined the military?
(a) She happens to hear the local gossip while in town.
(b) An old family friend tells her he saw Eduard after a battle.
(c) She reads his name and his circumstances in a gazette.
(d) She receives a letter from him explaining his decision.

15. What specific question of Eduard's is Ottilie able to answer with a nod in the affirmative?
(a) Would she like to go back to Charlotte?
(b) Would she like to return to the boarding school?
(c) Will she consent to be Eduard's wife?
(d) Would she would like to live with her great aunt?

Short Answer Questions

1. When is the only time Ottilie does not take Otto with her?

2. What motion does Ottilie make that distinctly translates her desires for the future?

3. What proposition does Eduard make to the Major?

4. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?

5. What does Luciane enjoy doing with her many articles of clothing?

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