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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What creatures does Luciane find amusing?
(a) Cockatiels.
(b) Dogs.
(c) Monkeys.
(d) Elephants.

2. What does Charlotte warn Ottilie about, during their discussion of Ottilie's preferred vocation?
(a) The dangers of letting go of the object of one's passion.
(b) The impulse toward suicide, which is sinful and perilous.
(c) The idea that her world can once again be make whole.
(d) The desire to run away and start a new life, which is difficult.

3. What decision does Ottilie make that breaks her usual care and good sense?
(a) To lay Otto down on the shoreline and walk alone.
(b) To leave Otto in the care of a young village girl.
(c) To row across the lake with Otto aboard.
(d) To take Otto up a very steep and narrow cliffside path.

4. When is the only time Ottilie does not take Otto with her?
(a) When she walks into town.
(b) When she tidies up her wing of the house.
(c) When she strolls through the woods.
(d) When she rows out on the lake.

5. How does Ottilie respond to Luciane's arrival?
(a) By sulking in jealousy.
(b) By plotting revenge against Luciane for past slights.
(c) By going calmly and cheerfully to work.
(d) By becoming more talkative and energetic.

6. What event endangers the protagonists of the story?
(a) An attempted murder.
(b) A carriage robbery.
(c) A river yacht crash.
(d) A blazing house fire.

7. What faux pas does the foreign visitor's companion notice?
(a) His friend has inadvertently saddened and tormented Ottilie.
(b) His friend has crossed an invisible cultural boundary.
(c) His friend mistranslated a normal word into a profanity.
(d) His friend has distinctly offended his host's family history.

8. What does the narrator consider to be the conflicting sides of Luciane's character?
(a) Although Luciane treats Ottilie with respect and deference, she secretly resents her.
(b) While Luciane is homely and plain, her generosity and charity make her seem angelic to others.
(c) While Luciane is beautiful on the outside, her personality shows that she is evil.
(d) Although Luciane can easily win people over, she can just as easily offend and alienate them.

9. Which character comes more into the forefront of Charlotte and Ottilie's life after Eduard's departure?
(a) The mason.
(b) The gardener.
(c) The architect.
(d) The parson.

10. What gift do Charlotte and Ottilie give the architect?
(a) A waistcoat.
(b) A pair of drafter's compasses.
(c) An engraved goblet.
(d) A pair of gloves.

11. What is Ottilie's relationship with the architect like?
(a) She treats him as if he were her elder brother.
(b) She easily gets frustrated with his incompetence.
(c) She disagrees with him about crucial design elements.
(d) She is madly in love with him.

12. What is the new house guest's philosophy on education?
(a) Girls are more apt to learn new things, while boys are more apt to retain knowledge.
(b) Boys should be taught to be servants, and girls should be taught to be mothers.
(c) The best way to teach young people is through rote recitation.
(d) Learning does not stop when an individual leaves the schoolhouse.

13. What new feature of Eduard's character makes him more like Ottilie?
(a) He suffers from one-sided headaches.
(b) He eats less and less.
(c) He loses his voice.
(d) His handwriting becomes more like Ottilie's.

14. Under what condition does Ottilie feel she could forgive herself?
(a) If she renounces her passion for Eduard completely.
(b) If Charlotte and Eduard also forgive her.
(c) If she considers the tragedy a blessing in disguise.
(d) If she replays the tragedy over in her head enough times to purge her guilt.

15. What mistake does Eduard make while leaving the note?
(a) He accidentally leaves the note in the wrong room.
(b) He accidentally locks himself in the room which Ottilie will be occupying.
(c) He neglects to sign it, so Ottilie will not know who wrote it.
(d) He forgets that due to a change of plans, Ottilie will no longer arrive at that place.

Short Answer Questions

1. What experiment does the foreign visitor's companion try on Charlotte and Ottilie?

2. Whom does Eduard meet unexpectedly as he walks?

3. Who had encouraged the house guest to come to the estate?

4. What is the title of the story the foreign visitor tells Charlotte and Ottilie?

5. What proposition does Eduard make to the Major?

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