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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which representation of an artistic work results in the most applause for Luciane?
(a) Jan Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring."
(b) Handel's "Messiah."
(c) Mozart's "The Magic Flute."
(d) Gerald Terborch's "Instruction Paternelle."

2. Who helps decorate the building which has been designated for restoration?
(a) Ottilie.
(b) Luciane.
(c) Nanni.
(d) Charlotte.

3. On which procession of people does the new house guest, who arrived during Ottilie's artistic activity, exercise his craft and calling?
(a) The members of the local militia.
(b) The company of the estate's housemaids.
(c) The group of street urchins that live in the village.
(d) The brigade of young gardeners.

4. Why is Charlotte agitated by the foreign visitor's tale?
(a) She finds the use of humor in the story to be in bad taste.
(b) She knows that the true story behind the tale involved the Captain.
(c) She wonders whether something like the story will happen to her.
(d) She feels that the visitor told the tale to deliberately upset her.

5. What building does the architect persuade Charlotte to restore?
(a) The church.
(b) The boathouse.
(c) The stables.
(d) The pavilion.

6. Who is the Major?
(a) Formerly the Captain.
(b) A friend of the Count's.
(c) A former flame of the Baroness's.
(d) A cousin of Eduard's.

7. What is the architect reluctant to show publicly?
(a) His poems about Ottilie and Charlotte.
(b) His diary entries which reflect his mental state.
(c) His architectural plans for the restoration of a building.
(d) His collection of drawings and sketches.

8. Where does Eduard ride to in order to await Ottilie's arrival at the beginning of Part II, Chapter 16?
(a) The pavilion.
(b) The lakeshore.
(c) The inn.
(d) The farmstead.

9. Who had encouraged the house guest to come to the estate?
(a) The architect.
(b) The Baroness.
(c) The General.
(d) The Captain.

10. How did Charlotte find out Eduard had joined the military?
(a) She happens to hear the local gossip while in town.
(b) She receives a letter from him explaining his decision.
(c) An old family friend tells her he saw Eduard after a battle.
(d) She reads his name and his circumstances in a gazette.

11. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?
(a) To a novel with a specific trope repeating through it.
(b) To a garden in which patterns of hedges repeat themselves.
(c) To a naval rope with a single strand of red thread.
(d) To a garment with a regular weave of fine fabric.

12. What activity of Luciane's, meant to amuse the company, ends up with Luciane looking foolish?
(a) Her arguments in a carefully staged debate.
(b) Her performance on the guitar and her accompanying singing.
(c) Her dance performance in which she is accompanied by a harpist.
(d) Her idea of a game that involves the whole company.

13. What mistake does Eduard make while leaving the note?
(a) He neglects to sign it, so Ottilie will not know who wrote it.
(b) He accidentally locks himself in the room which Ottilie will be occupying.
(c) He accidentally leaves the note in the wrong room.
(d) He forgets that due to a change of plans, Ottilie will no longer arrive at that place.

14. What is the general substance of Ottilie's second journal entry?
(a) The state of Charlotte's marriage.
(b) The transience of ownership of art.
(c) Her love for Eduard.
(d) The dichotomy of good and evil.

15. What does Charlotte warn Ottilie about, during their discussion of Ottilie's preferred vocation?
(a) The desire to run away and start a new life, which is difficult.
(b) The idea that her world can once again be make whole.
(c) The impulse toward suicide, which is sinful and perilous.
(d) The dangers of letting go of the object of one's passion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seemingly miraculous event occurs during Ottilie's funeral?

2. Whose appearance do the painted decorations of the restored building seem to have?

3. What is the general content of Ottilie's fourth journal entry?

4. Which vocation does Ottilie decide she wishes to pursue?

5. What event precipitates the arrival of Charlotte's daughter at the estate?

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