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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the general substance of the note Eduard writes at the place where he awaits Ottilie?
(a) It is a suicide note full of remorse and shame.
(b) Eduard threatens Ottilie if she does not capitulate to him.
(c) The note details his baroque plans to spirit Ottilie away from the estate.
(d) Whether Ottilie can be his, and whether he can see her in person.

2. How does Ottilie react in the wake of the tragedy?
(a) She swears to atone for her sins by renouncing Eduard completely.
(b) She acquiesces to Eduard's request for her hand in marriage.
(c) She immediately jumps into the lake and kills herself.
(d) She vows to become a nun and do only God's work from then on.

3. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?
(a) To a naval rope with a single strand of red thread.
(b) To a garden in which patterns of hedges repeat themselves.
(c) To a novel with a specific trope repeating through it.
(d) To a garment with a regular weave of fine fabric.

4. Which representation of an artistic work results in the most applause for Luciane?
(a) Handel's "Messiah."
(b) Gerald Terborch's "Instruction Paternelle."
(c) Jan Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring."
(d) Mozart's "The Magic Flute."

5. Upon what date does the completion of the restoration of the building occur?
(a) The anniversary of Ottilie's arrival at the estate.
(b) The eve of the Captain's birthday.
(c) The eve of Eduard's birthday.
(d) The anniversary of Eduard and Charlotte's wedding.

6. Whose appearance do the painted decorations of the restored building seem to have?
(a) Luciane's.
(b) Ottilie's.
(c) Nanni's.
(d) Charlotte's.

7. What decision does Ottilie make that breaks her usual care and good sense?
(a) To row across the lake with Otto aboard.
(b) To leave Otto in the care of a young village girl.
(c) To lay Otto down on the shoreline and walk alone.
(d) To take Otto up a very steep and narrow cliffside path.

8. What was the architect's reason for not wishing his drawings to be shown to the whole company, as Luciane had entreated and Ottilie had encouraged?
(a) Another guest expresses his desire to show his own collection of sculpture.
(b) Even cultivated people handle delicate works of art roughly.
(c) He is modest to the point of embarrassment about his accomplishments.
(d) He fears his plagiarism of the original drawings will be discovered.

9. What portion of the building being restored will receive special attention through painted decorations?
(a) The cellar.
(b) The sunroom.
(c) The chapel.
(d) The drawing room.

10. What is the general substance of Ottilie's second journal entry?
(a) The state of Charlotte's marriage.
(b) The dichotomy of good and evil.
(c) Her love for Eduard.
(d) The transience of ownership of art.

11. What proposition does Eduard make to the Major?
(a) Eduard and Charlotte divorce so the Major can marry Charlotte and Eduard can marry Ottilie.
(b) The Major should pretend to love Charlotte, then ruthlessly abandon her to make her pay for her sins.
(c) The Major should facilitate Eduard's kidnapping of and absconding with Ottilie.
(d) Ottilie should become the object of the Major's direct amorous attentions in order to throw Charlotte off of Eduard's plan.

12. Why is Charlotte agitated by the foreign visitor's tale?
(a) She feels that the visitor told the tale to deliberately upset her.
(b) She wonders whether something like the story will happen to her.
(c) She finds the use of humor in the story to be in bad taste.
(d) She knows that the true story behind the tale involved the Captain.

13. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?
(a) He and the Major will slake their lust by means of other seductions.
(b) He and Charlotte will divorce, and he will marry Ottilie.
(c) He and Charlotte will remain married, and he will conduct an affair with Ottilie.
(d) He and the Major will swear to be bachelors forever.

14. How does Eduard view the tragedy?
(a) As an omen that his love for Ottilie is terribly wrong.
(b) As a chance to rekindle and strengthen his marriage.
(c) As the worst possible circumstance to ever befall him.
(d) As an obstacle to his happiness that has been removed.

15. What seemingly miraculous event occurs during Ottilie's funeral?
(a) Eduard tries to stab himself but the blade cannot pierce his skin.
(b) Nanni falls from a garret but is uninjured.
(c) Charlotte learns she is pregnant again.
(d) The Major saves a young woman from drowning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What specific form of memorializing does Charlotte admit having an aversion to?

2. Which unexpected visitor arrives during the performance of the artistic activity planned by the architect?

3. What does Charlotte agree to, in the midst of the tragedy?

4. What specific question of Eduard's is Ottilie able to answer with a nod in the affirmative?

5. What activity of Luciane's, meant to amuse the company, ends up with Luciane looking foolish?

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