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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What artistic activity does the architect plan for Ottilie to be centrally involved in?
(a) Reciting a series of Petrarchan sonnets.
(b) Exhibiting her artwork at the royal court.
(c) Portraying Mary in a tableau of the birth of Jesus.
(d) Hosting and starring in a pianoforte recital.

2. What tragedy results from Ottilie's decision to go against what she knows is safe?
(a) Otto is crushed in a fall.
(b) Otto drowns in the lake.
(c) Otto is killed by wolves.
(d) Otto is accidentally poisoned.

3. What activity does the Count suggest would benefit from Luciane's personality?
(a) Studying the piano to become a famous musician.
(b) Singing famous and worshipful psalms.
(c) Concentrating on painting and drawing.
(d) Impersonating tableaux from famous paintings.

4. Who is the Major?
(a) Formerly the Captain.
(b) A cousin of Eduard's.
(c) A former flame of the Baroness's.
(d) A friend of the Count's.

5. What, in general, describes Luciane's personality?
(a) She is energetic and attractive but can be annoying and ignorant of others' desires or needs.
(b) She is reticent and argumentative, and people find her hard to get along with.
(c) She is overly critical of everybody, directly to their faces.
(d) She is highly intelligent and beautiful and has a soft, compliant personality.

6. What is the premise of the story told by the foreign visitor?
(a) A young couple spends many happy days together, but on the eve of their wedding tragedy strikes both of them.
(b) A young peasant feels he is destined to marry a fine lady, and he accomplishes seemingly impossible tasks in order to win her heart.
(c) Two young people who are incompatible as youths find themselves attracted to one another as they become adults.
(d) An elderly couple that gets pleasure by meddling in others' lives finds that it is prudent to mind one's own business.

7. What is the house guest's suggested remedy for children who do not follow in their parents' footsteps?
(a) Making the child an equal partner in the parent's endeavors.
(b) Punishing the child until he or she agrees to be like his or her parents.
(c) Allowing the child to follow his or her own unique path in life.
(d) Threatenting to disown the child unless he or she capitulates.

8. Where does Eduard go once he is honorably discharged from the military?
(a) The chapel.
(b) The pavilion.
(c) The main house of the estate.
(d) The farmstead.

9. In the wake of the tragedy, what is Charlotte and Ottilie's relationship with each other like?
(a) They grow cold and distant, and they constantly plot against one another.
(b) They rekindle their friendship and grow even closer than before.
(c) They walk around in a daze never noticing each other.
(d) They appear reasonable and good willed, but cannot repair their friendship.

10. What building does the architect persuade Charlotte to restore?
(a) The stables.
(b) The church.
(c) The pavilion.
(d) The boathouse.

11. What does the narrator consider to be the conflicting sides of Luciane's character?
(a) While Luciane is homely and plain, her generosity and charity make her seem angelic to others.
(b) Although Luciane treats Ottilie with respect and deference, she secretly resents her.
(c) While Luciane is beautiful on the outside, her personality shows that she is evil.
(d) Although Luciane can easily win people over, she can just as easily offend and alienate them.

12. What proposition does Eduard make to the Major?
(a) Eduard and Charlotte divorce so the Major can marry Charlotte and Eduard can marry Ottilie.
(b) The Major should facilitate Eduard's kidnapping of and absconding with Ottilie.
(c) The Major should pretend to love Charlotte, then ruthlessly abandon her to make her pay for her sins.
(d) Ottilie should become the object of the Major's direct amorous attentions in order to throw Charlotte off of Eduard's plan.

13. What effect does the foreign visitor to the estate have on Ottilie, when he expounds upon the uselessness of over improving the land?
(a) Ottilie is disillusioned and in agony.
(b) Ottilie feels offended by the man's presumption.
(c) Ottilie agrees wholeheartedly with the man.
(d) Ottilie finds herself questioning her design sense.

14. Which vocation does Ottilie decide she wishes to pursue?
(a) To teach at the boarding school.
(b) To become a maid.
(c) To become a governess to a wealthy family.
(d) To become a great artist and painter.

15. What thought about Ottilie's future preoccupies Charlotte?
(a) Whether Ottilie will marry and whom.
(b) Whether Ottilie will forgive Eduard and why.
(c) What profession Ottilie will take and when.
(d) When Ottilie will die and how.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which unexpected visitor arrives during the performance of the artistic activity planned by the architect?

2. What is the general mood of the household when all four protagonists live there together again?

3. What building does Charlotte decide she and Ottilie will live in for a period of time?

4. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?

5. What two things does Ottilie refuse to do?

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