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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Under what condition does Ottilie feel she could forgive herself?
(a) If she considers the tragedy a blessing in disguise.
(b) If Charlotte and Eduard also forgive her.
(c) If she renounces her passion for Eduard completely.
(d) If she replays the tragedy over in her head enough times to purge her guilt.

2. How does Charlotte respond to the Major's hopeful question about their future together?
(a) "All of us but one deserve the future you hold so dear."
(b) "You and Ottilie may still have a future; Eduard and I have nothing but our past."
(c) "When my heart is no longer heavy, then we shall see if it can once more be happy."
(d) "We have not deserved to be unhappy, but neither have we deserved to be happy together."

3. What is the title of the story the foreign visitor tells Charlotte and Ottilie?
(a) "The Unfortunate Young Lovers."
(b) "The Sensible Old Couple."
(c) "The Wayward Young Neighbors."
(d) "The Passionate Shepherd and Lady."

4. How does Ottilie die?
(a) She convinces Nanni to poison her.
(b) She starves herself.
(c) She hangs herself.
(d) She jumps to her death from a cliff.

5. What is Ottilie's relationship with the architect like?
(a) She disagrees with him about crucial design elements.
(b) She is madly in love with him.
(c) She treats him as if he were her elder brother.
(d) She easily gets frustrated with his incompetence.

6. Which representation of an artistic work results in the most applause for Luciane?
(a) Mozart's "The Magic Flute."
(b) Jan Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring."
(c) Handel's "Messiah."
(d) Gerald Terborch's "Instruction Paternelle."

7. Where does Eduard wait, at least for a little while, while the Major relays Eduard's plan to Charlotte?
(a) The pavilion.
(b) The inn.
(c) The farmstead.
(d) The chapel.

8. How does Ottilie react in the wake of the tragedy?
(a) She acquiesces to Eduard's request for her hand in marriage.
(b) She immediately jumps into the lake and kills herself.
(c) She swears to atone for her sins by renouncing Eduard completely.
(d) She vows to become a nun and do only God's work from then on.

9. What seemingly miraculous event occurs during Ottilie's funeral?
(a) Charlotte learns she is pregnant again.
(b) The Major saves a young woman from drowning.
(c) Nanni falls from a garret but is uninjured.
(d) Eduard tries to stab himself but the blade cannot pierce his skin.

10. How does the story told by the foreign visitor end?
(a) The protagonists die.
(b) The protagonists marry.
(c) The protagonists learn a valuable lesson.
(d) The protagonists must live apart.

11. What decision does Ottilie make that breaks her usual care and good sense?
(a) To leave Otto in the care of a young village girl.
(b) To take Otto up a very steep and narrow cliffside path.
(c) To lay Otto down on the shoreline and walk alone.
(d) To row across the lake with Otto aboard.

12. What is the general mood of the household when all four protagonists live there together again?
(a) The atmosphere in the household is lively and filled with positive ambiance.
(b) It is almost, but not quite, like the serenity and tranquility of how things once were.
(c) The mood is cold and everyone is suspicious of everyone else.
(d) All four protagonists find themselves completely contented with the new situation.

13. What does Charlotte agree to, in the midst of the tragedy?
(a) Leaving the estate and live in a convent.
(b) Taking her own life and thereby atoning for her sins.
(c) Eduard's request for a divorce.
(d) Suing the person responsible for the tragedy.

14. When is the only time Ottilie does not take Otto with her?
(a) When she walks into town.
(b) When she strolls through the woods.
(c) When she rows out on the lake.
(d) When she tidies up her wing of the house.

15. What is Charlotte and Eduard's son to be named?
(a) Heinrich.
(b) Otto.
(c) Johann.
(d) Edmund.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event marks the newborn's baptism with foreboding?

2. Which of Luciane's "experiments in moral regeneration" goes badly wrong?

3. What are Eduard's plans for Charlotte's future?

4. What specific question of Eduard's is Ottilie able to answer with a nod in the affirmative?

5. What do the Major and Eduard first do when they are reunited?

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