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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event precipitates the arrival of Charlotte's daughter at the estate?
(a) Ottilie's death and her memorial services.
(b) Luciane has been kicked out of the boarding school.
(c) Luciane's engagement to a wealthy young man.
(d) The birth of Charlotte and Eduard's first child.

2. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?
(a) He and the Major will swear to be bachelors forever.
(b) He and Charlotte will divorce, and he will marry Ottilie.
(c) He and Charlotte will remain married, and he will conduct an affair with Ottilie.
(d) He and the Major will slake their lust by means of other seductions.

3. Whom do Otto's facial features resemble?
(a) Charlotte and Eduard.
(b) Eduard and the Captain.
(c) The Captain and Ottilie.
(d) Ottilie and Charlotte.

4. How does the story told by the foreign visitor end?
(a) The protagonists marry.
(b) The protagonists learn a valuable lesson.
(c) The protagonists die.
(d) The protagonists must live apart.

5. What seemingly miraculous event occurs during Ottilie's funeral?
(a) Charlotte learns she is pregnant again.
(b) The Major saves a young woman from drowning.
(c) Eduard tries to stab himself but the blade cannot pierce his skin.
(d) Nanni falls from a garret but is uninjured.

6. What is the general mood of the household when all four protagonists live there together again?
(a) It is almost, but not quite, like the serenity and tranquility of how things once were.
(b) The mood is cold and everyone is suspicious of everyone else.
(c) All four protagonists find themselves completely contented with the new situation.
(d) The atmosphere in the household is lively and filled with positive ambiance.

7. Upon what date does the completion of the restoration of the building occur?
(a) The eve of Eduard's birthday.
(b) The anniversary of Eduard and Charlotte's wedding.
(c) The eve of the Captain's birthday.
(d) The anniversary of Ottilie's arrival at the estate.

8. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?
(a) To a garment with a regular weave of fine fabric.
(b) To a naval rope with a single strand of red thread.
(c) To a novel with a specific trope repeating through it.
(d) To a garden in which patterns of hedges repeat themselves.

9. What was the architect's reason for not wishing his drawings to be shown to the whole company, as Luciane had entreated and Ottilie had encouraged?
(a) Another guest expresses his desire to show his own collection of sculpture.
(b) Even cultivated people handle delicate works of art roughly.
(c) He fears his plagiarism of the original drawings will be discovered.
(d) He is modest to the point of embarrassment about his accomplishments.

10. What conflicting feelings continuously torment Ottilie?
(a) Anger and acceptance.
(b) Wealth and poverty.
(c) Living and dying.
(d) Fear and delight.

11. What does Charlotte warn Ottilie about, during their discussion of Ottilie's preferred vocation?
(a) The dangers of letting go of the object of one's passion.
(b) The impulse toward suicide, which is sinful and perilous.
(c) The idea that her world can once again be make whole.
(d) The desire to run away and start a new life, which is difficult.

12. What building does Charlotte decide she and Ottilie will live in for a period of time?
(a) The moss hut.
(b) The pavilion.
(c) The servant's quarters.
(d) The chapel.

13. What activity of Luciane's, meant to amuse the company, ends up with Luciane looking foolish?
(a) Her idea of a game that involves the whole company.
(b) Her arguments in a carefully staged debate.
(c) Her performance on the guitar and her accompanying singing.
(d) Her dance performance in which she is accompanied by a harpist.

14. What portion of the building being restored will receive special attention through painted decorations?
(a) The sunroom.
(b) The drawing room.
(c) The chapel.
(d) The cellar.

15. What building does the architect persuade Charlotte to restore?
(a) The pavilion.
(b) The stables.
(c) The church.
(d) The boathouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, in general, describes Luciane's personality?

2. How does Ottilie respond to Eduard's note?

3. What is Ottilie's relationship with the architect like?

4. Whose observations on the landscape of the estate serve to enrich Charlotte and Ottilie's experience of the land?

5. Where does Eduard ride to in order to await Ottilie's arrival at the beginning of Part II, Chapter 16?

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