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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the house guest's suggested remedy for children who do not follow in their parents' footsteps?
(a) Threatenting to disown the child unless he or she capitulates.
(b) Allowing the child to follow his or her own unique path in life.
(c) Punishing the child until he or she agrees to be like his or her parents.
(d) Making the child an equal partner in the parent's endeavors.

2. Which of Luciane's "experiments in moral regeneration" goes badly wrong?
(a) Her endeavors to patch up Charlotte and Eduard's relationship.
(b) Her education of a young peasant boy.
(c) Her efforts to introduce a foreign friend into high society.
(d) Her attempt to re-socialize a mad young woman.

3. Whom does Eduard meet unexpectedly as he walks?
(a) Mathilde.
(b) Charlotte.
(c) Ottilie.
(d) Nanni.

4. What does Charlotte agree to, in the midst of the tragedy?
(a) Leaving the estate and live in a convent.
(b) Taking her own life and thereby atoning for her sins.
(c) Eduard's request for a divorce.
(d) Suing the person responsible for the tragedy.

5. What faux pas does the foreign visitor's companion notice?
(a) His friend has distinctly offended his host's family history.
(b) His friend has crossed an invisible cultural boundary.
(c) His friend has inadvertently saddened and tormented Ottilie.
(d) His friend mistranslated a normal word into a profanity.

6. When is the only time Ottilie does not take Otto with her?
(a) When she rows out on the lake.
(b) When she walks into town.
(c) When she tidies up her wing of the house.
(d) When she strolls through the woods.

7. How does Ottilie respond to Eduard's note?
(a) With an unusual but familiar gesture that is clearly a refusal.
(b) She flies into his arms and they kiss passionately.
(c) By fainting dead away and waking in a trance.
(d) She begins to hotly berate Eduard for his foolish choices.

8. What does the narrator consider to be the conflicting sides of Luciane's character?
(a) While Luciane is beautiful on the outside, her personality shows that she is evil.
(b) Although Luciane treats Ottilie with respect and deference, she secretly resents her.
(c) While Luciane is homely and plain, her generosity and charity make her seem angelic to others.
(d) Although Luciane can easily win people over, she can just as easily offend and alienate them.

9. What seemingly miraculous event occurs during Ottilie's funeral?
(a) Charlotte learns she is pregnant again.
(b) Nanni falls from a garret but is uninjured.
(c) The Major saves a young woman from drowning.
(d) Eduard tries to stab himself but the blade cannot pierce his skin.

10. What motion does Ottilie make that distinctly translates her desires for the future?
(a) Gesturing toward the cliff face and indicating she will jump off.
(b) Going to the Major and kneeling submissively before him.
(c) Covering her face in her hands and dressing in a nun's black habit.
(d) Seizing Eduard's and Charlotte's hands and bringing them together.

11. How does Charlotte respond to the Major's hopeful question about their future together?
(a) "We have not deserved to be unhappy, but neither have we deserved to be happy together."
(b) "All of us but one deserve the future you hold so dear."
(c) "When my heart is no longer heavy, then we shall see if it can once more be happy."
(d) "You and Ottilie may still have a future; Eduard and I have nothing but our past."

12. What is the nature of the solicitor's visit to Charlotte?
(a) The solicitor's errand is to serve Charlotte with a court summons from a merchant in the village.
(b) The solicitor comes to advise Charlotte with regards to her pending divorce from Eduard.
(c) The solicitor and his client disagree with Charlotte's decision to move the graves in the churchyard.
(d) The solicitor's client has decided to sue Charlotte for a large sum related to damaged property.

13. Under what condition does Ottilie feel she could forgive herself?
(a) If she replays the tragedy over in her head enough times to purge her guilt.
(b) If she renounces her passion for Eduard completely.
(c) If she considers the tragedy a blessing in disguise.
(d) If Charlotte and Eduard also forgive her.

14. What creatures does Luciane find amusing?
(a) Cockatiels.
(b) Monkeys.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Elephants.

15. What activity does the Count suggest would benefit from Luciane's personality?
(a) Impersonating tableaux from famous paintings.
(b) Concentrating on painting and drawing.
(c) Singing famous and worshipful psalms.
(d) Studying the piano to become a famous musician.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eduard's part in the story end?

2. What is the general substance of the note Eduard writes at the place where he awaits Ottilie?

3. What are the conditions on which Charlotte offers herself to the Major?

4. Whose appearance do the painted decorations of the restored building seem to have?

5. In the wake of the tragedy, what is Charlotte and Ottilie's relationship with each other like?

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