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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the general substance of the note Eduard writes at the place where he awaits Ottilie?
(a) Whether Ottilie can be his, and whether he can see her in person.
(b) The note details his baroque plans to spirit Ottilie away from the estate.
(c) It is a suicide note full of remorse and shame.
(d) Eduard threatens Ottilie if she does not capitulate to him.

2. What does the narrator consider to be the conflicting sides of Luciane's character?
(a) While Luciane is homely and plain, her generosity and charity make her seem angelic to others.
(b) Although Luciane treats Ottilie with respect and deference, she secretly resents her.
(c) Although Luciane can easily win people over, she can just as easily offend and alienate them.
(d) While Luciane is beautiful on the outside, her personality shows that she is evil.

3. To what does the narrator compare the common themes running through Ottilie's journals?
(a) To a garden in which patterns of hedges repeat themselves.
(b) To a novel with a specific trope repeating through it.
(c) To a naval rope with a single strand of red thread.
(d) To a garment with a regular weave of fine fabric.

4. How does the story told by the foreign visitor end?
(a) The protagonists marry.
(b) The protagonists learn a valuable lesson.
(c) The protagonists must live apart.
(d) The protagonists die.

5. What activity of Luciane's, meant to amuse the company, ends up with Luciane looking foolish?
(a) Her performance on the guitar and her accompanying singing.
(b) Her arguments in a carefully staged debate.
(c) Her dance performance in which she is accompanied by a harpist.
(d) Her idea of a game that involves the whole company.

6. What, in general, describes Luciane's personality?
(a) She is energetic and attractive but can be annoying and ignorant of others' desires or needs.
(b) She is highly intelligent and beautiful and has a soft, compliant personality.
(c) She is reticent and argumentative, and people find her hard to get along with.
(d) She is overly critical of everybody, directly to their faces.

7. What event marks the newborn's baptism with foreboding?
(a) The awkward way Charlotte explains Eduard's absence.
(b) The poor turnout for the event at the church.
(c) The sudden death of the clergyman.
(d) The spilling of the holy water.

8. Who is the Major?
(a) A cousin of Eduard's.
(b) A former flame of the Baroness's.
(c) A friend of the Count's.
(d) Formerly the Captain.

9. What is the nature of the solicitor's visit to Charlotte?
(a) The solicitor's client has decided to sue Charlotte for a large sum related to damaged property.
(b) The solicitor comes to advise Charlotte with regards to her pending divorce from Eduard.
(c) The solicitor's errand is to serve Charlotte with a court summons from a merchant in the village.
(d) The solicitor and his client disagree with Charlotte's decision to move the graves in the churchyard.

10. What are the conditions on which Charlotte offers herself to the Major?
(a) Ottilie must never be turned out of their house but can never socialize with them again.
(b) Ottilie must be willing to unite with Eduard, and that Eduard and the Major leave the house for a time.
(c) She and the Major must be married right away so that she can try to have another child soon.
(d) The Major must duel to the death with Eduard, thus proving the power of his love for her.

11. What is the architect reluctant to show publicly?
(a) His poems about Ottilie and Charlotte.
(b) His diary entries which reflect his mental state.
(c) His architectural plans for the restoration of a building.
(d) His collection of drawings and sketches.

12. What effect does the foreign visitor to the estate have on Ottilie, when he expounds upon the uselessness of over improving the land?
(a) Ottilie finds herself questioning her design sense.
(b) Ottilie feels offended by the man's presumption.
(c) Ottilie is disillusioned and in agony.
(d) Ottilie agrees wholeheartedly with the man.

13. Which character comes more into the forefront of Charlotte and Ottilie's life after Eduard's departure?
(a) The gardener.
(b) The architect.
(c) The parson.
(d) The mason.

14. Who helps decorate the building which has been designated for restoration?
(a) Ottilie.
(b) Nanni.
(c) Charlotte.
(d) Luciane.

15. How does Eduard view the tragedy?
(a) As an obstacle to his happiness that has been removed.
(b) As an omen that his love for Ottilie is terribly wrong.
(c) As a chance to rekindle and strengthen his marriage.
(d) As the worst possible circumstance to ever befall him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the general mood of the household when all four protagonists live there together again?

2. Why does Ottilie avoid a path by the side of the lake?

3. How did Charlotte find out Eduard had joined the military?

4. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?

5. What is Charlotte and Eduard's son to be named?

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