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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Eduard's plan for his own future?
(a) He and the Major will slake their lust by means of other seductions.
(b) He and the Major will swear to be bachelors forever.
(c) He and Charlotte will remain married, and he will conduct an affair with Ottilie.
(d) He and Charlotte will divorce, and he will marry Ottilie.

2. Why does Ottilie avoid a path by the side of the lake?
(a) She once fell from that path and hurt herself.
(b) The path reminds her of her lost lover.
(c) She has been warned by the townsfolk that the path is cursed.
(d) The place fills her with dread and she gets a headache.

3. How does Eduard view the tragedy?
(a) As a chance to rekindle and strengthen his marriage.
(b) As the worst possible circumstance to ever befall him.
(c) As an obstacle to his happiness that has been removed.
(d) As an omen that his love for Ottilie is terribly wrong.

4. What is the title of the story the foreign visitor tells Charlotte and Ottilie?
(a) "The Wayward Young Neighbors."
(b) "The Sensible Old Couple."
(c) "The Passionate Shepherd and Lady."
(d) "The Unfortunate Young Lovers."

5. What event precipitates the arrival of Charlotte's daughter at the estate?
(a) Luciane's engagement to a wealthy young man.
(b) The birth of Charlotte and Eduard's first child.
(c) Luciane has been kicked out of the boarding school.
(d) Ottilie's death and her memorial services.

6. What is the general mood of the household when all four protagonists live there together again?
(a) The mood is cold and everyone is suspicious of everyone else.
(b) The atmosphere in the household is lively and filled with positive ambiance.
(c) It is almost, but not quite, like the serenity and tranquility of how things once were.
(d) All four protagonists find themselves completely contented with the new situation.

7. What event marks the newborn's baptism with foreboding?
(a) The awkward way Charlotte explains Eduard's absence.
(b) The spilling of the holy water.
(c) The sudden death of the clergyman.
(d) The poor turnout for the event at the church.

8. What is the general substance of Ottilie's second journal entry?
(a) Her love for Eduard.
(b) The dichotomy of good and evil.
(c) The transience of ownership of art.
(d) The state of Charlotte's marriage.

9. What is the general substance of the note Eduard writes at the place where he awaits Ottilie?
(a) Eduard threatens Ottilie if she does not capitulate to him.
(b) It is a suicide note full of remorse and shame.
(c) The note details his baroque plans to spirit Ottilie away from the estate.
(d) Whether Ottilie can be his, and whether he can see her in person.

10. What does the narrator consider to be the conflicting sides of Luciane's character?
(a) Although Luciane treats Ottilie with respect and deference, she secretly resents her.
(b) While Luciane is homely and plain, her generosity and charity make her seem angelic to others.
(c) While Luciane is beautiful on the outside, her personality shows that she is evil.
(d) Although Luciane can easily win people over, she can just as easily offend and alienate them.

11. What building does the architect persuade Charlotte to restore?
(a) The boathouse.
(b) The stables.
(c) The pavilion.
(d) The church.

12. What event endangers the protagonists of the story?
(a) A carriage robbery.
(b) An attempted murder.
(c) A river yacht crash.
(d) A blazing house fire.

13. What is the general substance of Ottilie's first journal entry?
(a) The significance of Charlotte's silences.
(b) The contradictions inherent in social intercourse.
(c) Her own role in the running of the household.
(d) The nature of portraiture and other memorials.

14. How does Eduard's part in the story end?
(a) He decides to rejoin the military and dies in battle.
(b) He blinds himself and wanders the roads as a beggar.
(c) He rekindles his love for Charlotte but never forgets Ottilie.
(d) He is found dead one day by no apparent cause.

15. How does Ottilie respond to Eduard's note?
(a) She flies into his arms and they kiss passionately.
(b) She begins to hotly berate Eduard for his foolish choices.
(c) With an unusual but familiar gesture that is clearly a refusal.
(d) By fainting dead away and waking in a trance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the story told by the foreign visitor end?

2. What new feature of Eduard's character makes him more like Ottilie?

3. Who "shudders in horror" at the tragedy and why?

4. Where does Eduard go once he is honorably discharged from the military?

5. What experiment does the foreign visitor's companion try on Charlotte and Ottilie?

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