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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I, Chapters 9-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What subject do Eduard and his male guest discuss in the night?
(a) Their old amorous adventures at court.
(b) The fleeting constancy of their wives.
(c) The questionable politics of the Captain.
(d) Their history working for the provincial governor.

2. What does Charlotte resolve to do when she is alone after the kiss with the Captain?
(a) Strengthen her marriage with Eduard.
(b) Run away and marry the Captain.
(c) Divorce Eduard and travel the continent.
(d) Atone for her sins and die alone.

3. How did the master of the estate grow up?
(a) Lonely; he made no friends.
(b) Impoverished; he lived on the streets.
(c) Ignored; he was the youngest of many siblings.
(d) Spoiled; he got everything he wanted.

4. What do the main characters decide to do with the three lakes on Eduard's estate?
(a) Drain one of the lakes to irrigate the fields.
(b) Sell the land rights around the largest lake.
(c) Bring down the dams to make one large lake.
(d) Reinforce all three dams to prevent flooding.

5. How do Eduard and Charlotte act in front of the others the morning after they sleep together?
(a) As if they are proud to have reaffirmed their love.
(b) As if they are suspicious of the thoughts of others.
(c) As if nothing has passed between them the night before.
(d) As if they are ashamed and contrite of their actions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who addresses the crowd at the foundation stone ceremony?

2. At whom does Eduard lose his temper while making the new plans for the estate?

3. What does the male guest criticize about the estate?

4. What scientific subject becomes a main object of conversation between the hosts and their male guest?

5. What general plans do Eduard and the captain have for the estate?

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