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Lesson 1 (from Part I, Chapters 1-4)


Part I, Chapters 1-4: The first characters introduced in the novel are Eduard and Charlotte. In this lesson, students will discuss this married couple's relationship, forming the basis for their subsequent study.


1. Class Discussion: What is Eduard and Charlotte's history together? How did they meet and marry? What is their situation now, together and in society? Describe their position in life, in relation to each other and to their friends.

2. Group Discussion: What is the nature of Eduard and Charlotte's relationship? Do they seem to be a "traditional" married couple? How do they interact with one another as far as planning their lives, discussing and resolving their differences, acting like a married couple, etc.?

3. Individual Writing Activity: List the secrets which Charlotte and Eduard keep from each other, and briefly describe the nature of these secrets. Why would they each consider it necessary to keep...

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