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Blanche Wiesen Cook
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Eleanor find relief during the summer of 1921?
(a) A visit to England.
(b) A visit to the Poconos.
(c) A visit to New York.
(d) A visit to Campobello.

2. During the four years that Franklin is governor of New York, he and Eleanor fully support each other's agendas but also do what?
(a) Secretly disagree with one another.
(b) Guard their own interests and initiatives.
(c) Fight one another's causes in secret.
(d) Have contrasting beliefs.

3. What earns Eleanor the respect of those around her?
(a) Her polite personality.
(b) Working actively in her social and political organizations.
(c) Her large donations to various causes.
(d) Her shy, quiet manner.

4. What does Earl orchestrate successfully?
(a) A surgery to help Franklin gain more mobility in his legs.
(b) A dinner at the mansion for the Democratic Party.
(c) A photo session with an Atlanta newspaper in which Franklin is shown riding horses at Warm Springs, Georgia.
(d) A weekend getaway for the couple.

5. During the autumn of the year, Eleanor resumes her Washington life and enters a satisfying period of promoting women's rights, second only to what?
(a) Her life with her grandmother.
(b) Her previous years in Albany.
(c) Her life with Souvestre as a young girl.
(d) The beginning of her marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Later that afternoon, of what does Franklin complain?

2. Where does Eleanor find comfort here?

3. For Eleanor, what does World War I do?

4. What does Eleanor determine when she recovers from Franklin's betrayal?

5. What does Earl teach Eleanor?

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