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Blanche Wiesen Cook
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Leningrad, Eleanor viewed an experiment based on the work of whom?
(a) Watson.
(b) Freud.
(c) Pavlov.
(d) Skinner.

2. Which two people died within a two-week period in 1941
(a) Eleanor's mother and father.
(b) Eleanor's son and sister.
(c) Eleanor's aunt and child mentor.
(d) Eleanor's mother-in-law and brother.

3. Who did Eleanor say were doing a better job of helping the people of the world than Americans?
(a) The Cubans.
(b) The French.
(c) Russians.
(d) The Japanese.

4. What reimbursement did Eleanor get for serving on the UN?
(a) None.
(b) Salary.
(c) Salary, transportation, and lodging.
(d) Food and lodging.

5. Why did Eleanor keep the freezer well stocked when she lived alone in Hyde Park?
(a) She had a fear of running out of food.
(b) Franklin was a big eater.
(c) She liked to shop the sales.
(d) She never knew who would show up.

6. What did Eleanor think is the cause of the problems she sees in Moscow?
(a) The leaders of the country.
(b) Oppression.
(c) Warfare.
(d) The transition from colonization to independence.

7. Where was the organizing meeting of the General Assembly held?
(a) Paris.
(b) London.
(c) New York City.
(d) Washington, DC.

8. What was Eleanor's primary interest after she visited the Soviet Union in 1958?
(a) Older adults with serious illnesses.
(b) Emotionally disturbed children.
(c) Single mothers.
(d) Oncology.

9. What did Committee Three of the UN address?
(a) War refugees.
(b) Poverty.
(c) Hunger.
(d) Single parent families.

10. What head of state came to New York for medical treatment and recovered at Hyde Park?
(a) Queen Elizabeth.
(b) Madame Chiang.
(c) The queen of Saudi Arabia.
(d) Queen Anna.

11. Where was the World Federation of United Nations meeting held?
(a) Moscow.
(b) Tokyo.
(c) Bangkok.
(d) Beijing.

12. Where did Eleanor stay in England?
(a) Buckingham Palace.
(b) In an old mansion.
(c) The University of London.
(d) Windsor Castle.

13. What year did Eleanor meet Princess Elizabeth?
(a) 1965.
(b) 1948.
(c) 1930.
(d) 1902.

14. What did Eleanor feel that Iran was characterized by?
(a) A strong sense of culture.
(b) Kind and generous people.
(c) Poor health and poverty.
(d) Excessive wealth.

15. Which of the following members of royalty did not visit the Roosevelts in the White House?
(a) Finnish.
(b) Norwegian.
(c) British.
(d) Swedish.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Eleanor, did Franklin want to run for a third term?

2. After Christmas of 1944, what did Franklin begin to prepare for?

3. What was planned for construction at Hyde Park in 1939?

4. Who arranged Eleanor's travel schedule in the Soviet Union?

5. What did Eleanor wear while on her big trip in 1943?

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