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Blanche Wiesen Cook
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor do when Franklin drinks and smokes too late into the night?
(a) She joins him.
(b) She distances herself during these times.
(c) She monitors his behavior.
(d) She moves out.

2. From what does Eleanor suffer?
(a) Some personal conflict with her views of expansive and unlimited education while teaching at one of the most exclusive institutions in the country.
(b) Several colds and flus.
(c) Conflict between her wealth and those students that she teaches.
(d) Depression and anxiety.

3. What adds more stress to Eleanor's frayed nerves?
(a) Eleanor and Sara rekindle their slightly antagonistic relationship.
(b) Eleanor's children become ill.
(c) Franklin becomes ill.
(d) Sara moves in with the couple.

4. What does Franklin do when he joins his family for the summer?
(a) He grows closer to his wife.
(b) He realizes how long he has been away from his family.
(c) He spends much of his time in solitude.
(d) He plays the convivial host to the group of guests.

5. Through her affiliations and media connections, what does Eleanor do?
(a) She encourages women to be conservative.
(b) She discourages women from creating their own businesses.
(c) She encourages other women to exercise their political rights.
(d) She encourages husbands to be kinder to their wives.

6. What does Eleanor find with which she can associate and fully support?
(a) A cause.
(b) The Democratic Party.
(c) New friends.
(d) Her husband.

7. Where does Eleanor find relief during the summer of 1921?
(a) A visit to Campobello.
(b) A visit to New York.
(c) A visit to the Poconos.
(d) A visit to England.

8. Later that afternoon, of what does Franklin complain?
(a) Sunburn and sweating.
(b) Boredom and irritation.
(c) Aches and chills.
(d) Thirst and hunger.

9. What does Eleanor convince Anna to try?
(a) A four-year college.
(b) Having a few suitors.
(c) One year at Allenswood School.
(d) One year at Cornell University.

10. In what does Eleanor revel regarding Earl?
(a) His physicality and utter devotion to her.
(b) His popularity.
(c) His interesting life.
(d) His powerful mind.

11. What does Eleanor believe about Franklin's political life?
(a) It is bound to be destastrous.
(b) It is a curse.
(c) It is the bane of her existence.
(d) It is his destiny.

12. What does Eleanor's presence on the campaign tour do?
(a) It begins rumors of the couple's divorce.
(b) It encourages voters to listen to Franklin.
(c) It squelches rumors of the couple's divorce.
(d) It confuses people who do not know her.

13. During the autumn of the year, Eleanor resumes her Washington life and enters a satisfying period of promoting women's rights, second only to what?
(a) The beginning of her marriage.
(b) Her life with her grandmother.
(c) Her previous years in Albany.
(d) Her life with Souvestre as a young girl.

14. In the immediate aftermath of World War I, what happens to the Women's Suffrage Movement?
(a) It serves no purpose.
(b) It rises to prominence.
(c) Interest in it declines.
(d) It is ended.

15. According to Eleanor, why do men pursue politics?
(a) To gain in wealth.
(b) For career advancement.
(c) To help others.
(d) To become popular.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Franklin's loss of the vice presidency leave?

2. During Eleanor's recovery and the rebuilding of her marriage, what does she frequent?

3. Where does Eleanor find comfort here?

4. When is Eleanor's long-standing membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution challenged?

5. The marriage between Franklin and Eleanor is one of what?

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