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Blanche Wiesen Cook
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eleanor is one of the few of Franklin's advisers who condones what?
(a) His run for the Presidential position.
(b) His run for the Governor position.
(c) His run for Mayor.
(d) His run for Senate.

2. What plays an integral part in Franklin's ultimate win in 1932?
(a) Earl's idea that Franklin needs to be perceived as healthy and uncompromised by his paralysis.
(b) Earl's services as a bodyguard.
(c) Earl's love of his wife.
(d) Earl's attention to detail.

3. October 1929 also marks what?
(a) Franklin's forty-fifth birthday.
(b) Franklin's fifty-fifth birthday.
(c) Eleanor's forty-fifth birthday.
(d) Eleanor's fifty-fifth birthday.

4. What has happened to Franklin by the next day?
(a) He is starving.
(b) More flu-like symptoms.
(c) He is even more bored and irritated.
(d) Pain in his back and legs prevent him from walking.

5. In what does Eleanor encourage her daughter, Anna, to engage?
(a) Organizations involved in the promotion of women.
(b) Political events.
(c) Community organizations.
(d) The debutante rituals of the wealthy.

6. What does Eleanor worry that her political connections and activities may do?
(a) Negatively affect Franklin's political career.
(b) Negatively affect her marriage.
(c) Destroy her popularity.
(d) End her political career.

7. What does Eleanor determine when she recovers from Franklin's betrayal?
(a) She will get revenge on the other woman.
(b) She will file for a divorce.
(c) She will be a better wife.
(d) A new direction for her passions in her causes.

8. What does Eleanor believe about Franklin's political life?
(a) It is a curse.
(b) It is bound to be destastrous.
(c) It is the bane of her existence.
(d) It is his destiny.

9. For what does Eleanor lobby?
(a) Better schools.
(b) Better pay for working women.
(c) A reduced work week of forty-eight hours for women working outside the home.
(d) Unions.

10. What does Eleanor's presence on the campaign tour do?
(a) It confuses people who do not know her.
(b) It encourages voters to listen to Franklin.
(c) It squelches rumors of the couple's divorce.
(d) It begins rumors of the couple's divorce.

11. Where does Eleanor find relief during the summer of 1921?
(a) A visit to England.
(b) A visit to Campobello.
(c) A visit to New York.
(d) A visit to the Poconos.

12. Later that afternoon, of what does Franklin complain?
(a) Thirst and hunger.
(b) Boredom and irritation.
(c) Aches and chills.
(d) Sunburn and sweating.

13. In the immediate aftermath of World War I, what happens to the Women's Suffrage Movement?
(a) It rises to prominence.
(b) It is ended.
(c) It serves no purpose.
(d) Interest in it declines.

14. With what does Eleanor align herself?
(a) Only her own organizations.
(b) Progressive organizations.
(c) No organizations.
(d) Conservative organizations.

15. What is one issue that Eleanor's efforts are directed toward?
(a) Racial equality.
(b) Ending the public school system.
(c) Providing more private education.
(d) Protecting the wealthy.

Short Answer Questions

1. For Eleanor, what does World War I do?

2. What does Eleanor convince Anna to try?

3. What appeals to the young girl inside her whose sense of abandonment has never disappeared?

4. During the summer of 1919, where does Eleanor reside?

5. Where does Eleanor find comfort here?

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