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Blanche Wiesen Cook
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Eleanor and Franklin's children?
(a) Sara, Teddy, Franklin, Jr., and James.
(b) James, John, Mark, and Franklin, Jr.
(c) Anna, James, Franklin, Jr., and Sara.
(d) Anna, James, Franklin, Jr., and Elliott.

2. What is short-lived in Eleanor's life, after her mother's death?
(a) The time she spends in a foster home.
(b) Her hope to regain a life with her father.
(c) Her living with her cousins.
(d) Her depression.

3. How is this teacher's influence on Eleanor?
(a) Minimal.
(b) Great.
(c) Non-existent.
(d) Small.

4. What surpasses any of Sara's manipulations?
(a) The love between Franklin and Eleanor.
(b) Eleanor's hatred of her.
(c) The couples desire to be away from her.
(d) Franklin's dislike of his mother.

5. Why do Franklin and Eleanor move to Albany?
(a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt wins a New York Senate seat.
(b) Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes Governor.
(c) They like the city of Albany.
(d) They want to live closer to family.

6. Who does Sara hire while the couple is on their honeymoon?
(a) An investigator to look into Eleanor's background.
(b) Someone to run her household.
(c) The servants.
(d) Assistants.

7. How does she adapt to this school?
(a) Somewhat.
(b) Not well.
(c) Not at all.
(d) Perfectly.

8. How does Eleanor describe her mother?
(a) One of the most annoying and irritatiing women she has ever known.
(b) A woman who she never understood.
(c) One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
(d) A woman who never loved her.

9. Where has Anna moved?
(a) To a different city.
(b) To a different house.
(c) In with her family.
(d) To France to be close to her husband.

10. Of what does Eleanor have many?
(a) Questions.
(b) Friends.
(c) Boyfriends.
(d) Worries.

11. Of what does Sara approve of Eleanor?
(a) Her intelligence.
(b) Her love for Franklin.
(c) Her looks.
(d) Her social standing.

12. Why does Eleanor suffer through an endless whirl of balls and social events?
(a) She has no other choice.
(b) She knows it is what she needs to do.
(c) Her friends have pressured her into attending these social events.
(d) She is more an academic than a socialite.

13. Upon completion of her education in England, where does Eleanor go?
(a) Home.
(b) Around the world.
(c) To France.
(d) To Hawaii.

14. What exaggerates Eleanor's feelings about these homes?
(a) Franklin's easy-going personality.
(b) Franklin's desire to stay busy.
(c) Franklin's continuing deference to Sara and not Eleanor.
(d) Franklin's forceful behavior while staying at these homes.

15. Before long, how does Eleanor begin to establish herself?
(a) As an odd woman.
(b) As a shy woman.
(c) As a traditional wife.
(d) As a politician's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Elliott compared to his brother?

2. Who are Eleanor's brothers?

3. How does Sara act when the couple's children are born?

4. What makes the Roosevelts one of Washington's most dynamic couples?

5. How old is Anna when Eleanor is born?

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