Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume One, 1884-1933 Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Blanche Wiesen Cook
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Essay Topic 1

This book is a biography.

Part 1) What is a biography? What is the purpose of a biography?

Part 2) What is significant about Eleanor Roosevelt's biography? Why would someone be interested in writing a biography about her?

Part 3) Why does mankind feel the desire to preserve the lives of themselves and others?

Essay Topic 2

This book illuminates details about Eleanor's background.

Part 1) Describe her background. How does her background reflect her personality?

Part 2) How does her background affect decisions she makes later in life?

Part 3) What about Eleanor's life was surprising to you? Why?

Essay Topic 3

The author uses excerpts from documents and letters.

Part 1) From whom are these letters? Why does the author use these documents and letters?

Part 2) What do these letters reveal about Eleanor? How do these letters let the reader into her life?

Part 3) How do these excerpts keep the reader engaged in...

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