Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume One, 1884-1933 Character Descriptions

Blanche Wiesen Cook
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Marion Sturgis Hooper Clover Adams - This character was an educated and accomplished woman who was also known as the most brilliant hostess in Washington, D.C. She committed suicide in 1885, at the age of forty-two, after discovering that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

Jane Addams - This character was a social feminist who championed many of the causes that Eleanor believed in.

Corrine Robinson Alsop - This character was a cousin of Eleanor Roosevelt's and like Eleanor Roosevelt attended Allenswood School in England.

Annie - See Anna Bulloch Gracie.

Bamie - See Anna Roosevelt Cowles.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Hall Boettiger - This character was Eleanor Roosevelt's daughter. Their relationship was often a difficult one.

Brother - See Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. (II).

Dorothy Strachey Bussy - This character was a classmate of Eleanor Roosevelt's at Allenswood School. She wrote a novel, OLIVIA...

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