Objects & Places from Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell
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Romeo and Juliet

This Shakespearean play is among the literature discussed in a class attended by Eleanor and Park. Eleanor claims that the play is not actually about love.

Comic Books

These items become a bond and source of common ground between Eleanor and Park when they first become friends.


This object is given to Eleanor by Park as a Christmas gift.

The Catcher in the Rye

This is the book that Eleanor gives to Park for Christmas.

Gym Class

This setting is where Eleanor is at the greatest mercy of bullies in the story.


This is one of the shared interests that forms a bond between Eleanor and Park.


These basic commodities are lacking in Eleanor's home. When Eleanor babysits for her father and his fiancee, Eleanor takes these before going home.

Pickup Truck

Owned by Park's dad, this object becomes an important symbol...

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