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Attachments, the debut novel of author Rainbow Rowell, is set in 1999 and 2000 at the dawn of the millennium, when email communication and access to the Internet are still new for businesses like the Omaha Courier Newspaper. Internet security assistant Lincoln O'Neill—kind, reflective, and still, in his late twenties, trying to figure out his life—reads flagged emails from the Courier staff and gets absorbed in the emails between two witty best friends: copy editor Jennifer Scribner-Snyder and film critic Beth Fremont. When Lincoln falls in love with Beth through her words, he embarks on a journey of self awakening as Beth and Jennifer's friendship is strengthened by supporting each other even when tragedy strikes. Exploring themes such as love, identity, friendship, attachment, and communication, this epistolary novel juxtaposes Jennifer and Beth's chapters as the emails Lincoln reads and Lincoln's chapters written in a straightforward narrative style.

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