Eleanor & Park Fun Activities

Rainbow Rowell
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Highlighting the Bands' Most Notable Hits

Develop a photo and article collage from 1980’s publications highlighting some of the most notable hits by the bands mentioned in Eleanor & Park.

Dear Diary

Diary Entry—Write a 1-2 page diary entry from the point of view of a character of your choice from Eleanor & Park. What subject(s) would have inspired this individual to write? Why?

A Letter to Mom

Write a letter to Eleanor’s mother, from the perspective of Eleanor and some of her siblings, with regard to how they feel about Richie.

Newspaper Article

Find a current news article that relates to a topic mentioned in Eleanor & Park. Be prepared to present the piece, as well as to provide an explanation about its relation to the book.

Telling the Story of Eleanor Park via the Element of Time

Create a display that shows how the relationship between...

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