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Short Answer Questions

1. In discussing the the aesthetic of marriage, upon what does the author of the letter draw?

2. What does David understand about the parable?

3. According to the author, true marriage includes the religious and what other element?

4. What is the reader to understand about the content of Kierkegaard's letter?

5. Where does the author say the young man might be intoxicated by aesthetic pleasure?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author say is more important than choosing the right thing?

2. What does the author dislike about philosophy?

3. Why does the author compare the young man to King Herod?

4. Why does the author write that an exploration of the aesthetic significance of marriage might seem superfluous?

5. What "gift of grace" does the author say he would add to those listed in the bible?

6. What does the author say the young man proposes is the definition of a hero? What does the author encourage the young man to suppose instead?

7. How does the author distinguish between the erotic embrace and the marital embrace?

8. What is the author's attitude toward "first love"?

9. How does the author describe romantic love?

10. What interests the author in a certain engraving dramatizing the story of Cain and Abel?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The author discusses depression at length in EITHER/OR. Why does the author assert men become depressed? When is depression virtuous and when is it self-indulgent? What does the author assert is the nature of his own depression? What does the author assert is the nature of the young man's depression? How does the author advise the young man to handle his melancholy. Discuss citing specific examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the importance of superstition in EITHER/OR. What is the author's attitude toward superstition? What are the dangers of superstition? What course does the author recommend to the young man to counter these? Discuss citing specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

Both the author of the letter and the letter's recipient are men. Discuss the influence of gender in EITHER/OR. How might the letter be different if it were written by or to a woman? Why do you think both of the characters are men? Discuss citing specific examples.

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