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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author call a poet-existence?
(a) A sacrifice.
(b) A drag.
(c) A sin.
(d) A delight.

2. What does the author urge the young man to do with his "droll fancies"?
(a) Ignore them.
(b) Rid himself of them.
(c) Pass them on to the object of his affection.
(d) Keep them.

3. How does the concept the author mentions act on him?
(a) It fills his soul with peace.
(b) It makes him quite angry.
(c) It spurs his will to action.
(d) It makes him exceedingly earnest.

4. What kind of woman does the author compare the young man to?
(a) A woman in love.
(b) A spurned woman.
(c) A jealous woman.
(d) A woman in labor.

5. According to the author, reflection never reaches beyond what?
(a) A man being what he is.
(b) The power of marriage.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Meditation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a moment that is more significant than everything else in the entire world according to the author?

2. What is the author's attitude toward scholarship?

3. What does the author say that the young man thinks life is?

4. What does the author accuse the young man of having become?

5. What history does the author say proves to be incommensurable for poetry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What risk does the author say one runs when one despairs about something in particular?

2. What is the author's definition of the ethical?

3. What does the author say is more important than choosing the right thing?

4. What advice does the author give the young man about despair?

5. What does the author write about "the Moment"?

6. How may talent become a hindrance to the enjoyment of life, according to the author?

7. What "gift of grace" does the author say he would add to those listed in the bible?

8. Are any Either/Or choices absolute? Explain.

9. What are somethings the author writes might be said to a depressed young man?

10. Why does the author warn against young men being tied down to making a living right away?

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