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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does David understand about the parable?
(a) David understands how the parable applies to him.
(b) David does not understand the parable at all.
(c) David understands Nathan is merely trying to manipulate him.
(d) David understands the message of the parable.

2. Who is the only one who has a true conception of who he is according to the author?
(a) The man who loves.
(b) The man who meditates on mountain tops.
(c) The man who can fight.
(d) The man who is self-sufficient.

3. What is the only thing for which the author prays to God with his whole heart?
(a) That God will give him the judgement to know when his wife is lying.
(b) That God will give him the patience to put up with his wife's nagging.
(c) That God will give him the strength never to want to love another woman.
(d) That God will give him the strength to move on after his wife stops loving him.

4. How does the author describe a couple's connection in a marriage of convenience?
(a) The connection is sexy and suffocating.
(b) The connection is immoral and fragile.
(c) The connection is moral but shallow.
(d) The connection is safe but unrewarding.

5. How does the author say he must always be with the young man?
(a) Cautious.
(b) Firm.
(c) Gentle.
(d) Frivolous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is love according to the author?

2. What is the opening phrase of the work?

3. What does an individual become when his heart is open according to the author?

4. What happens to the person who profits by being secretive according to the author?

5. What moment does the newly married couple attempt to postpone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author write that marriage belongs to Christianity?

2. What is the author's attitude toward "first love"?

3. Describe the fantasy marriage the author proposes to the young man.

4. Why does the author say that first love is found more frequently in women than men?

5. What does the author assert is the principle reason for marrying?

6. What does the author write is "unhappy love?"

7. What is the author's problem with the vows in the marriage ceremony?

8. What does the author say could seriously tempt him to write books?

9. When does the secretiveness about which the author writes gain its strength?

10. Why does the author compare the young man to King Herod?

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