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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship between marriage and first love according to the author?
(a) Marriage is the annihilation of first love.
(b) Marriage is the transfiguration of first love.
(c) There is no relationship between marriage and first love according to the author.
(d) Marriage is the equivalent of first love.

2. How does the author say the young man may best perceive the state that precedes first love?
(a) By recalling that love makes one lost.
(b) By recalling that love makes one blind.
(c) By recalling that love makes one fly.
(d) By recalling that love makes one feel quite good.

3. How is it said that married folk should live according to the author?
(a) In utter silence.
(b) In never-ending bliss.
(c) In good understanding of one another.
(d) In confusion.

4. What does David understand about the parable?
(a) David understands how the parable applies to him.
(b) David understands Nathan is merely trying to manipulate him.
(c) David does not understand the parable at all.
(d) David understands the message of the parable.

5. What character in opera does the author say embodies the state preceding love?
(a) Don Giovanni in DON GIOVANNI.
(b) Tristan in TRISTAN AND ISOLDE.
(c) Page in FIGARO.
(d) Wotan in THE RING CYCLE.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author believe accounts for the young man's excessive anxiety?

2. What does the author say he hates?

3. How does the author say he must always be with the young man?

4. What is the first subject Kierkegaard discusses?

5. According to the author, what happens to the value of an original, or first, thing if it may be repeated?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is first love the unification of freedom and necessity?

2. What are some immoral motivations for marrying according to the author?

3. What is the author's attitude toward "first love"?

4. Describe the folktale about Roland's three squires.

5. Why are erotic love and marriage irreconcilable according to the author?

6. Why does the author compare the young man to King Herod?

7. What does the author write is "unhappy love?"

8. What interests the author in a certain engraving dramatizing the story of Cain and Abel?

9. How does the author distinguish between the erotic embrace and the marital embrace?

10. Why does the author say that dealing with the young man is a most difficult task?

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