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Berlin - Soren Kierkegaard ran away from his girlfriend all the way to this place.

Jerusalem - This object is mentioned during the Ultimatum.

Temple - This object is a site of worship.

Church - In this book, this object usually means a Christian institution.

Husband - This object is a personal and social position that is one of the main features of the entire book.

Denmark - This object is the southernmost nation of Scandinavia.

Ecclesiastes - This object is one book of The Bible.

The State - This object is a legitimate public authority which has the power to make one do certain things.

Letter - The entire work is designed as a set of two of these objects.

Either/Or - This object is a dichotomy that characterizes a central philosophical theme of Kierkegaard's.

Wedding Ceremony - Kierkegaard believes that there is some kind...

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