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Draw, paint or sculpt a portrait of Soren Kierkegaard based either on an actual painting of him, or how you imagine him to look. Alternatively, make a portrait of the "young man" to who Kierkegaard writes. Present your work to the class.

Kierkegaard's Denmark

Research social, economic and cultural trends in Denmark during Soren Kierkegaard's lifetime. Prepare a presentation exploring how these trends impacted Kierkegaard and EITHER/OR.

Be Kierkegaard

Come to class in the character of Soren Kierkegaard. Prepare to spend ten minutes fielding the classes questions about you and your life.


Some scholars have described Kierkegaard as an existentialist. Research existentialism and prepare a presentation for the class that explores how Kierkegaard does or does not fit into this movement.


Prepare a dance piece expressing Kierkegaard's conception of first love and marriage. The dance may be in any style you like and should...

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