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Short Answer Questions

1. In which town does Innstetten live as Landrat?

2. What animal does Crampas suggest hunting for in Chapter 16?

3. What does Effi name her daughter?

4. What month is Effi's baby due to be delivered in?

5. In what month does Effi return to Kessin from her parents' home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Innstetten hope Effi will become well-liked?

2. Who are Effi's childhood friends?

3. What does Effi observe in the surroundings of her new home?

4. How is Baron Geert von Innstetten acquainted with the Briest family?

5. Who does Effi's father believe would have been a better match for Innstetten?

6. What does Effi's sea burial for the gooseberry skins remind her of?

7. Why does Crampas think Innstetten tells ghost stories?

8. Where does Effi intend to go after her baby is born?

9. What do the aristocrats who meet Effi have to say about her?

10. As she studies the surroundings of her new home, who does Effi see stroll past?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel "Effi Briest" tells the story of a young aristocratic daughter's marriage to an older Landrat. Her husband, Innstetten, is busy with his career, leaving his wife neglected. "Effi Briest" examines marriage during this era and what role both parties play in the marriage. How is Effi's life shaped in her role as the dutiful wife? How is Innstetten's role shaped as the working husband? Is the marriage between these two individuals successful? Why or why not? What obstacles does their marriage face?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Fontane's use of symbolism in the novel "Effi Briest".

Essay Topic 3

"Effi Briest" is based on a true story. How does the real story differ from the fictional retelling? Why might Fontane have made these changes?

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