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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For which ailment does Effi's doctor recommend time away from Berlin in order to cure?
(a) Headaches.
(b) Whooping cough.
(c) A chest infection.
(d) Insomnia.

2. Where does Effi live upon returning to Berlin from Ems?
(a) A rooming house.
(b) At a hotel.
(c) With Innstetten.
(d) With her parents.

3. What do Effi and her mother think of the apartment they see in Keithstrasse?
(a) It is perfect.
(b) It is a health risk.
(c) It is dilapidated.
(d) It is too small.

4. What is Roswitha's new household role in Berlin?
(a) She oversees the kitchen.
(b) She tutors Annie.
(c) She does the laundry.
(d) She tends to yard work.

5. After the duel with Crampas, what consititutes a good day for Innstetten?
(a) Any day he sees his daughter.
(b) Any day he does not remember Effi.
(c) Any day the sun is shining.
(d) Any day he makes it through without annoyance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who flirts with Innstetten in Uvagla?

2. A rumor circulates in Kessin that Innstetten will be assigned to a post in which country?

3. In Chapter 22, what must Effi go to Berlin to do?

4. Why don't Cristel and Friedrich move to Berlin?

5. What does Wüllersdorf say Innstetten should resign himself over to like everyone else?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 34, who recommends that Effi go back to Hohen-Cremmen?

2. What happened to Roswitha in the past when she found out she was pregnant?

3. How is Effi reminded of Crampas while on vacation with Innstetten?

4. What does Effi hope will be helped by moving to Berlin?

5. What does Innstetten ask of Wüllersdorf in Chapter 28?

6. What does the postman deliver to Effi when she is staying in Ems?

7. What upsets Effi about Annie's behavior?

8. What does Wüllersdorf say Innstetten should resign himself to?

9. Who does Effi coincidentally see on the horse tram, and what does she become inspired to do?

10. Why is Innstetten happier in Berlin than in Kessin?

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