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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, which of the following is NOT said must accompany love?
(a) Brilliance.
(b) Diversions.
(c) Honor.
(d) Passion.

2. What kind of home does Innstetten have?
(a) A chalet-style house.
(b) An old-fashioned house.
(c) A former fortress.
(d) A modern apartment.

3. What worries Hertha about Effi's engagement?
(a) That it is not an equal match.
(b) That Effi will get her heart broken.
(c) That Hertha is not getting married first.
(d) That it has happened so quickly.

4. Who is the elegantly dressed man that strolls by Effi?
(a) Herr Kruse.
(b) Gieshübler.
(c) Innstetten's butler.
(d) Capt. Thomsen.

5. To which event does Effi invite Dagobert?
(a) Her wedding eve.
(b) Her birthday party.
(c) Her wedding reception.
(d) Her engagement ball.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which regiment does Dagobert belong?

2. What description are we given of Hulda's mother?

3. Who is Dagobert?

4. What does Effi recall used to happen to adulterous women?

5. What kind of train do Effi and Innstetten take to Berlin?

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